My total messed up head

:sob: I was diagnosed with MS in 1986 at the age of 22, im now 56 and im really not coping well. Up until now I’ve fought back and wouldn’t let it beat me. Im now losing my grip my head is totally messed up I keep forgetting things that was only spoken about 10 minutes prior. I forget peoples names that I’ve known for years, can you only imagine saying to that person what’s your names again. My head heels foggy and muzzy. I want my life back​:sob: there’s no one I can talk to round here apart from my wife but I just don’t want to off load onto her. She has enough health issues of her own. I was on an ms infusion which now doesn’t seem to be working so they took me off of it. The nearest date I can see my neurologist is April next year. I feel I’ve been dumped. Is it any wonder why I feel the way I do. It’s now effecting my marriage to the point she’s looking at leaving me :sob: I feel useless, I NEED HELP !!!


I am very sorry that you’re feeling so ground down by life. I wish things were a bit easier for you and your family, but that no help, I know.

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I too wish life was easier for you. To cope as well as you have til now is amazing. I wish I could snap my fingers and make all this go away but I can’t. Does your wife know how hard this is for you right now? Maybe you are internalizing it and not talking to her? My husband is sick of hearing about my prob so I come on here. It helps


Sorry you are having a rough time. IF you have a decent MS nurse, they might have the time/skills/experience/tools to offer some help. Wishing you and your family all the best.

Hey, ive only been dignosed for 4 years, and ive recently found my self in a simular situation. Depending where your from have you tried reaching out to your GP, healthy minds ect? its hard admitting you need help but you have done the first step here. I had my first session today and about to start CBT and honestly being able to talk to a complete stranger and get everything ive been bottling up for so long has made me feel much more relaxed and happier this afternoon, a kind lady send me a link to a actuall MS councilor too that i will post after, i went with healthy minds as that who my doctor recomended yesterday and i managed get through quite quickly to get a appointment this morning. Hope this helps :slight_smile: stay strong and remember you may have MS but MS doesnt have you!


Link for MS counselling

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Thank you so much Samantha you’re a gem. I will give this a try. Oh by the way I’m in slough Berkshire. xx :grinning:

Hello sweetheart.

I’ve also had MS a long time…25 years.

I reckon I coped for most of those years, but last year I| lost myself.
I dint want to carry on…had enough of needing so much help to do everything.

Speak to your MSnurse, if you have one.

Jesus saved my sanity and showed me how to cope. He can help you too.


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