How to change password without current Password


Since the upgrade to the site I’ve had to do a password reset as my old one automatically saved. I got an email with a link explaining to click on it to get logged in once then I can change my password. I have tried to do the steps on my profile but to change my password I need the current one, I don’t have this as forgotten it and the password reset email doesn’t have a temporary one. So how do I change my password? Am I missing something really obvious?

any help would be appreciated.


polly x

Hi Poll hope your having a good day im in the same boat and cant change it and off to kip now hope its sorted soon :slight_smile:

respect sheep

Hello sheep

There are that many people in “the boat” it’s in danger of sinking lol

Email admin on Monday.

I’ve emailed them. I thought I was being thick or completely losing the plot but by the sounds of it I’m quite sane and it’s a definite error on the website. Why couldn’t they just leave things alone!!

same as, dont fix things that arent broken!!!

Ive just done the same! Forgot my password and you can’t change to a new one without the old! I will email them too and see what they suggest, i thought I was missing something obvious too!

I had exactly the same problem! Will email - thanks,


Me too its probably happened to everyone

lt will not accept my old password or a new one. Wb is in the same boat. But then this morning l get a noreply message from the mss and low and behold l am LOGGED on. Now l do not know which password is my current one.

I was in the same situation, except I do know my password…Anyway seems to be a glitch. The very fact that you are all posting means you are logged in.

Liz (Moderator)

Same for me, tried to get on yesterday, put my password in and it wouldn’t accept it so i got them to send me a link to change it but like everyone else i needed my old password too, which ofcourse it wouldn’t accept. Said welcome back to me but on the forum everything was n/a so couldn’t read anything.

Thought i would have another go today and wasn’t looking forward to it but i am straight on and able to read posts.

Thank heavens for that as i was really upset yesterday that i couldn’t get on.

Lisa x

Same thing is happening to me so will try again tomorrow to see if fixed. Good job you can get on on a temp basis if you ask to reset password hey.



I think a lot of us are logging in with a 24hr password Liz. Also, I know my password…roll on Monday

Typing messages is a nightmare!! letters are not being accepted.

e.g. the cow jmed over the mon

The cow jumped over the moon my laptop is new and never had problems before


I thought it would be a nightmare getting back on… But it was quite easy


PS I’d like to thank the team for all their hard work, I know how much work it entails keeping a site running smoothly. It might not have looked like the forum needed work doing, but software does need looking after or it will eventually encounter problems.

Well I managed to change my password! Option for current password has been removed! So set up my password tonight without any issues!

thanks to the team who sorted it, looks like it’s working fine now!

polly x

Me too, when I got there and it said enter your password I instantly got Tourette’s, then fortunately remembered I had put it in my notes, if all you people have forgot password hom are you righting stuff???

OK, it was only an ID 10 T error. When I found out what that was, I was done.

Well, I that was half an hour of my life I won’t get back again, lol. I have read and re read all that and thought I was missing something totally pbvious too, lol. Phew, Well, hopefully they will sort all this out for us all soon. It also says I have 15 new messages in my inbox. I was SO excited, but they are all messages I have sent others.boohooo

I am on a temporary password I went to forgot password and then it logged me in with the link it sent to my email. I tried to change my password but it asked for my old password (which didn’t work). After I post this I’m going to try logging out and resetting my password again.


This time when I clicked Forgot Password it logged me in and took me to a page that allowed me to change my password without knowing the old one :slight_smile:

I had the same problem, it still said I had incorrect password, trying desperately to remeber password, still said it was wrong so I just gave up but suddenly I’m logged in even though it said it was wrong so now I have no idea which password is right!!! got 34 messages but they are just my previous forum entries…Oh and I’m afraid I do not like date format in the american style, sorry.