am I losing it??

So I forgot my password for this site. Emailed for help and got given a link to allow me access. Now, how do I go about changing my flippin password?? When I try it insists that I have to confirm old password in order to change to another…???.. If I knew my old one I wouldn’t be trying to @#*@##@ change it!!! Also, not particularly liking this revamped website… eg:- why is the date of posts now in the American way?? Hmmmm… Anyway, if someone out there can point me in the right direction re the changing of passwords, I’d be very grateful. Hope everybody is handling this heat and keeping well Xx

Your not on your own in having this problem. email they will pick it up after the weekend. It’s what I and many others will be doing

That’s who the ms helpline sent my e-mail to. They sent me a onetime log in but I can’t find anywhere else apart from where I’ve already tried, to change this damn password. It’s ridiculous, it’s a forum for ms support not that I want membership of… Not the @#@#@#@ MI5!!! :-0


Vinnygirl - if you got to leave this post, it suggests that you are already logged on.

Although I had same problem - the website wouldn’t accept the password I’ve been using for months! I requested reset. That didn’t work so i quit out & tried again … this time it logged me in straight away without any reset!?

I don’t like the american-style of date - why is everything going american?

I didn’t get the usual list of threads - I had to get to this one through another way!

I don’t like the appearance of the new threads - do we really need the date & time of every entry so clearly defined … hardly makes for a long, friendly, cosy chat?

I also wonder why each entry of thread needs to have a title - which on immediate appearance seems to be a repeat of the first words of the thread?

My immediate reaction … Yuk! … It appears very clinical and unfriendly … “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it!”

The webteam are certainly going to be busy on Monday!

Emma x

Also, where have our avatars gone?

Those marked us out as instantly recognisable people!


I’ve just seen this post after me posting the same issue about resetting the password, the reset email doesn’t have a temporary one to use as the current one to reset it.

I thought I was doing something wrong but looks like there’s an issue with the process for resetting your password if you need to. Your not alone Vinnygirl, at least the link in the email allows us to log in once to get on the site.

polly x

OK everyone … we need to reset our profile pages - avatars, passwords, etc have been wiped.

Thanks for the warning webteam!!!

That’s the same as me Polly. It’s crazy… Feel like you’re trying to register with the secret service!! It’s a support forum for heavens sake!! :-0 xx

Well I tried once again to change my password but I can’t because I’m unable to submit my old one. This really is frustrating especially as one of my major symptoms is memory loss!! Not a great advocate web team!!!

I do believe we are stuck with this problem until next week…just keep sending the emails to admin, until they sort it.

Why couldn’t they just leave things as they were…where is the like tab??

YES!!! Just realised that!! Hey, web team… Where has the like tab gone!!!

why cant they leave well alone, what a complete utter shambles this is,why fix something when it aint even broke.!!!

I would be wary about using the quote facility, it just get’s stuck underneath the message you’re quoting on…hope you’re with me

So there is no flow to the thread. e.g. if there are three pages going on a thread and you make a quote on page one…quote will go back to page one.

PS, is anyone else having problems with letters not being accepted when typing?

Yep I am, have been since they changed the website,