Confused (again) LOL

Hi all , well I forgot my password to log in , (no surprise for me) , so , I clicked on forgotten password , then got my temporary link to get logged on , which told me to log on then change to a new password , all OK so far , well to change password you have to enter your previous password ??

which leaves me back at the start

Yes I had that, really stupid drove me nuts sent msg to lots of people supposedly on the committee but got no replys very little help actually no help, then remembered it. Lol sorted. Don’t use much now, prefer ( more helpful.

thanks for the reply squiffyG , looks like I posted in the wrong bit to get a response to the problem , my brain fog has taken over at the moment , oh well, onward and downward (as I say)

This has been a problem for quite a few people on the forum-including myself. Just stick to the temporary sign in for now and send a private message to Steph in admin :slight_smile:

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thanks Blossom, I’ll give that a go , it’s amazing how minor complications/changes stick a spanner in my works these days