Had to reset password !

I just tried to log on but wouldn’t let me. The site blocked me after 5 failed attempts so I’ve had to reset my password. Has anyone else had this happen ? Sparkly

Not me.

Jan x

Never happened to me before either. Using new password to log in now and seems ok again. Gremlins in system !! Sparkly x

Also I’m putting paragraphs in post but when posted it reads as one line ?

Hello Sparkly. No paragraphs for me when using my mobile. I do believe admin are aware but you could leave Stewart a message. Love your avater!

Ah that’s why no paragraphs I’m using my mobile. I will leave message thanks. Loving your avatar poppies for remembrance sunday x

l have had lots of trouble getting logged on in the past. Username and password that l have had previously not being recognised.

Even when l have clicked onto the ‘remember this password’. lt seems OK now after contacting the MSSociety helpline. But for a couple of months l could not get logged on.

l only use my laptop - never a mobile - so its not that. lronically, l have had messages and replies sent to my previous username!

Strange! I can only put it down to some sort of computer error, fingers crossed all good now.