How quickly did your symptoms come on?

Hi there,

I am undiagnosed but currently experiencing symptoms. I was just wonder how quickly your symptoms first came on?

Thank you

Are you experiencing relapse (on/off) symptoms or continuous (progressive)?

Mine hit me hard 6 years ago and have got consistently worse although I only got a diagnosis last year. It’s possible I had murmurings for a couple of years before but able to dismiss them.

Trouble is, we’re all different, which is what makes MS hard to pin down. What are your tell-tale signs?

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Sorry - just read your other post…

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I had Lhermitte’s for a month, it’s now gone. I have buzzing in my thigh and off and on in my abdomen as of yesterday. I’ve had an on again off again pain on the spine in the mid back and muscle pain surrounding. I go for an MRI in a month.


Mine was initially all heat related. I’d wind up in excruciating pain if I tried to take a hot bath, and I’d have trouble walking at the end of a long day during the summer. Within 2 years, I had trouble walking on hot days, period. Three years after that, I had to limit my time in direct sunshine. Everything else just came along gradually after that.

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Thank you for your responses.


Did you ever get buzzing? I’m getting it in a bunch of different places - it comes and goes.

I do now occasionally, but I don’t remember it in the early decades.