Possible Symptomss

Hi Everyone,

I’m Kaly… I’ve spent a few weeks reading the forums. I’ve posted a few posts but haven’t introduced myself. I’m Canadian and have been having worrying symptoms for just over a month now.

I have had Lhermitte’s, I’m the back of the pelvis when I lower my chin, and now as of today I’m having subtle buzzing in my thigh and sometimes on my belly. It is so subtle that sometime I think it’s my imagination. At times I think my thighs are getting tighter.

I have had a pain on the spine in the thoracic area. The muscles on either side of the spine get tight and sore. I wonder if it’s a compressed disc? I’m hoping.

I’m worried these are early signs of ms and am really scared.

My booked an mri for mid June still three weeks away. So now I wait.

Has anyone here had similar experiences?


H kaly, I know what it’s like wondering what is wrong. I’ve had PPMS 24 years and it took 22 to get a diagnosis!

Your symptoms do sound MS like, but other things have similar symptoms too.

Try to be patient and see what happens sweetheart.