How many have seen their MRI images?

Hi everyone

Just wondered how many have seen their MRI images.

I had my MRI in Feb 2005 and was told that it showed excessive activity and many lesions but I have never asked to see the image.

I must admit that now I have completely got my head round having MS I am quite keen to have a look.

How many here have actually seen their results?

Thanks in advance.

Shazzie xx

Hi, I never saw mine! I’ve only had one, at diagnosis in 1996.

Yea saw mine 2 off them spinal and brain had them explained by neuro , Clever machine

I was given my MRI disc as it was done privately at an external clinic and the neuro went through them with me section by section! There were a fair few lesions, but all quite small. Not sure if that explains my many many relapses but mostly manageable! He never went into detail about what areas of my body they would have affected.

Yes. I saw them in the neuro’s office, and he pointed out the lesions, and I got a disk to keep, as well.

Despite having them shown to me, I still can’t find the lesions by myself. But that’s reassuring, in a way - it doesn’t look like crochet!

On mine at least, only a few frames out of hundreds feature a lesion. So if you’ve made a note of which ones, as my neuro obviously must have, you can go straight to them. But as a mere amateur, I can’t spot them just by browsing. It’s still very interesting to see my own brain, but there’s nothing I can pick out as wrong with it.

I thought it was normal to show you the lesions, unless you particularly didn’t want to know.



Yes, I too have seen mine and have the scan on disk, but only as I had to bring it back from Australia to my neuro here. I still haven’t a clue what I’m looking at though! Ha. Ash x

My neurologist went through the scans with me to explain where the lesions were. I have had 7 MRI’s and been shown them all. Not that I would be able to identify lesions if I was just to look at it. Was quite interesting to see I did actually have a brain.

Yep, my neuro talked though them both, pointed out the lesions and the parts of me they effected.

Sonia x

Ten years since I was diagnosed, I finally remembered to ask my neuro if I could have a look at my last appointment. As others have said, it’s not that clear at all where the lesions are. I assumed it would be obvious, but she had to point them out to mw.

I found it fascinating though to see the inside of my own brain like that. The thing that most nuts was seeing my eyes in some of the scans - we’re so used to seeing eyes as just this almond-shaped bit, but seeing the shape of the whole ball (they really are like balls) going into my head was weird!


Hi Pheonixcrystals, Gray, Emma, Tina, Ash, Barney owl, Sonia and Dan,

Thank you eversomuch for all the replies. I feel as if I have been missing out! Most people seem to have seen theres. I am definitely gonna ask to see mine. I was d/s in 2005 so perhaps it wasn’t normal practice to ask if we want to see our results back then.

I just hope my eyes are both the same size Dan as sometimes they both seem alien wihen the ON kicks in :slight_smile:

Take care.

Shazzie xx

Snazzie Don’t feel as you’ve been left out I have never seen mine either & I was dx’d back in 1994. Sue

I’ve seen all of mine - the consultant showed me each scan and and the changes on each scan. Also I’ve got a copy of each MRI scan on disc which is interesting to refer back to

i was never offered the chance to see mine in 2008 and i dont think its available to look at now.

carole x

Hi Sue and Carole

I was never offered the chance to look either. Like you say Sue, if you were d/x in 1994 and wasn’t offered the chance to see t the results then perhaps it wasn’t the same then as it is now. Perhaps I will just leave it then.

Thanks again for replying.

Shazzie xx

Hi Karina

Thanks for replying. I bet it is really interesting seeing what is inside your head.

Shazze xx

My neuro showed me them briefly when I was diagnosed in 2007, but to be honest, I was crying my eyes out at the time and wasn’t paying much attention.

To be honest hcd I probably wouldn’t have been able to take it all in back then. Don’t know whether it is worth looking now to be honest. Not gonna change anything is it?

Thanks for replying.

Shazzie x

Agree with the above , just white blobs here and there And doesn’t change the fact it’s here to stay Take care Gray x

Thanks Gray. I agree.


You can get a copy from most hospitals MRI Reception, some will charge others will give you a free copy if its after certain amount of days after MRI.

I got this pictures on a study I did and put it in a little video which you can see here