Own copy of MRI image?

I was just wondering if it is possible to have your own copy of your NHS MRI scan? I had mine back in December 2008 and would love to have my own copy of the inside of me! May sound abit odd wanting a copy but I didn’t really get to have a proper look at all the lesions etc back then. Wouldn’t want to ask the neuro to view them again as he isn’t the most friendliest person! I also know someone whose images got lost so would be another reason to have them. I am guessing though that this will be unlikely

When I had my last scan done the consultant gave me mine on a CD, I can just pop it my computer and look at all sorts of bits, I don’t know what I am looking at for the most part but interesting non the less.

It may be worth asking, it didn’t cost me anything either.


How cool thanks Chris :slight_smile: I take it that was with the NHS rather than private? Will ask the MS nurse and perhaps she could get a copy for me

Hi, I am the proud (?) possessor of both my MRI scans on disc - I asked at the MRI reception if it were possible, and was surprised when it seems to be the norm. I am the same - my consultant’s meeting passed in a blur (because I was told I’d had a stroke I was gobsmacked to be told I had MS), and I really wanted to see what was going on inside my head.

The discs play on my laptop, and cost £15 each.

I would ask at the hospital whether they provide this service.

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Mine was NHS. I had to fill in a form and pay my cash, then went round to the “IT suite” and picked it up!


Thanks for your replies. I was expecting my request to be thought of as odd and unusual! Seeing the MS nurse in March so I will ask her then. I really hope I haven’t left it too late though considering I had my scan just over 3 yrs ago

As others have said, it seems to be the norm these days (I’m not sure whether there has been a change in law/policy), but whether you would still be able to obtain them from scans taken as long ago as three years, I don’t know. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be allowed to (there may be a small charge), but as you’ve hinted at in your post, will they even still be able to find them, three years on?

All you can do is ask, and hope for the best.

My scans were done privately, and, except for the very early ones, I was handed them on a CD before I’d left the building! That’s why I think there has probably been a change in law or guidelines, because the BUPA hospital didn’t initially do it by default, but then they started doing it. So I guess similar applies in the NHS too.

As an aside, my scans were interesting, in an “OMG, isn’t it amazing I can see my brain!” kind of a way, BUT I have been completely unable to find the lesions, without the benefit of my neuro’s expert help at pointing them out. There are hundreds of pictures, and probably only one or two of them contain a visible lesion, so unless you really know what you’re looking for, they’re very hard to spot, just on a casual browse.

I don’t doubt I do have lesions, and in the consulting room, I could see when they were pointed out. But find them by myself? Nah, I’ve never been able to.


Just to answer your question, yes it was NHS.

You are looking at slices of the brain or spine or, in my case from the top of my head going all the way down to my pelvic area. I was told apart from the lesions in my brain he could see them in my spine, I have to say, as others have said without his expert eye I can’t.