MRI results

Hi all,

Through reading many of your posts, loads of you seem to have a copy of your MRI’s. How do you get this?

My Neuro showed me my brain MRI on computer when he broke the news to me but not my spine and I was too shell shocked to ask, I think maybe I’m ready now to learn a bit more not about MS but whats happened inside ME if that makes any sense

Thanks in advance


Never had copies of mine, but you are entitled to a copy. I think you can ask your gp to request them or failing that, contact the hospital direct.

<becky unless you are skilled at reading the MRI plates what is the point of having them is my way of thjnking.- It is not going to change your diagnoses. There are a number of sites that give an explanation of MS but since not a lot is known about its cause and given no two people have the same pattern of symptoms. you may just end up stressing yourself out. MS is not terminal, there are a few cases where it does become a terminal condition but very rare. the most you can do is take care of yourself, relax OK you may fined that things open to you in the past are no longer. If for example you led and active life in terms of sport or scialising i.e. out every night. <<<<<Throughout time these doors may be closed to you. Please do not worry about what may happen in the future. Healthy or ill no one can forecast the future.

Take Care


I have had MS for over 30 years and a lot of my friends are in the same position i.e. over 20years since being diagnosed and they are still around to tell the tale.

Hi Becky

I’ve never even seen mine as both the neuro at the diagnosing hospital and the prescribing hospital have never been able to get them up on their computer when I was at appointments early on following diagnosis. I only wanted to see them out of curiosity but I have given up wondering now. The neuro’s told me there were several lesions and I’m sure they’re right. It doesn’t alter the course of the illness so it doesn’t matter to me now.


hi becky, i asked for a copy of my mri and was given one at the cost of £10… i must say its not a sat evening dvd with a curry. regards Tony.

I was given both my scans, the first showed a few white areas on the brain and the 2nd 5 years later showed a lot more, other than that they didn’t really tell me anything.

Hiya. I got a copy of mine direct from the hospital, it was just the scans on cd without the report that went with it so it makes no sense at all (not that I’d understand all the medical jargon if I had the report too). I was told I had lots of lesions showing on the scan but I can only find one or two (possibly).

Other than being quite interesting to look at, seeing your brain, eyes, tongue etc. it serves no use to me at all. My nephews think it’s amazing so it keeps them amused sometimes when they’re bored.


I’ve got copies of all my scans on discs - I got them all for free but they normally cost around £20 per disc. The reason that I got copies of all of them is because I’m under 2 different consultants and at 3 different hospitals and the hospitals don’t use the same system so the MRIs can’t be sent down the link to each other. All you need to do to get a copy of them is contact the medical records department and ask for a copy - you may need to fill out a form in writing and send it off to them which can take about 2-3 weeks. Hope that’s helpful