Can you get a copy of mri scan? Frustrated!

My wife has suspected MS. She has shown possible signs for possibly about a year when i noticed she was stumbling on a fairly regular basis.We at that time didn’t think much of it as she had an injury at work(since dismissed for being off sick) and was on a lot of pain killers etc which we assumed were making her a bit ‘dopy’ and this was the reason for stumbles.

Fast forward to March this year and she woke up with the whole of her left side feeling numb and visited GP who took blood for some tests to rule out some other things but starting asking about MS in family and wanted a brain mri etc done.My wife eventually told me of some other symptoms she had been having and kept to herself.

In May she had her brain mri done and finally about 5 or 6 weeks ago finally got to see a neurologist, We felt he was good and listened to us both and we felt confidence in him.He carried out a very thorough examination etc,considered the medical history,family history of Ms, the written report of the brain mri and as i understood at the time diagnosed RRMS stating there was no need for further testing. Due to the MRI being done in a different area(we fall between the 2) he couldn’t actually se the scan and said he just wanted to view this himself and would make us another appointment.

Well today we have been back to find he has left! We saw another member of the team who within about a minute apologised for us having a wasted trip! Apparently they will view scan and discuss at their meeting on wed before making another appointment for us with the ms team(i think).

We were expecting today to discuss possible DMT’s. I specifically asked if my wife had a diagnosis and was told in all probability it was almost certainly Ms but need to see the actual Scan first!!

I feel so frustrated by this total waste of time today,Must be a million times worse for my wife.We don’t have confidence that anyone will actually get access to the scan and move things along.It is something we have come across before when scans done in salisbury can’t be viewed by neighbouring nhs trusts automatically,the last guy seemed to think not a problem and they can request them but obviously has not happened in over a month so don’t rate the chances of this happening by wed!

Is there a way we can get copies ourselves of MRI scans so we could at least produce these for viewing at any further appointments?


Yes big help



I got a copy of an old mri from a hospital it took around 75 days to get the report and got a copy of a more recent one from a different hospital trust and took about 2 weeks… apart from the delay in the first one it was very easy the forms for my hospitals were online I just printed them off and had to send a photocopy of my driving license and a postal money order