How long to wait until Copaxone nurse visit?

Hi all,

A fortnight ago my consultant wrote my prescription for Copaxone then told me a nurse from the company would call me, karaoke, to arrange the visit to go through my injection. I just wondered how long it usually takes before I get said phone call/ visit and basically what happens next? Do my first injections come with him or do they get delivered separately? I also have no idea if I’m having daily or 3x weekly but I’m assuming the latter, it all turned in to a bit of a blur! Any help and experiences are incredibly we one.

Thanks in advance


Hi Jessica

I started on 3 x weekly Copaxone about 4 months ago and like you didn’t really get a lot of information on delivery/ timings etc. Eventually it was about 4-6 weeks I waited and then got a call from the nurse who was coming to ‘train’ me in the injections and this coincided with a call from the suppliers of the injections who arranged delivery for the day before the nurse came. From then on it has been a fairly smooth process where the suppliers call me to arrange the next delivery automatically. One time I was down to my last couple of injections but had, had no call so I phoned them and the arranged a quick delivery and then arranged the next one too so I have now got some ‘in hand’ so to speak.

Good luck and I hope you hear soon.

Paula xx