How Do You Take Your CBD ?

So I’ve recently started taking pure CBD oil and Hemp seed oil.

Both taste just vile.

The Hemp seed oil can be taken with food so you can hide the taste fairly quickly with a snack or your main meal.

However, the instructions I was given with the CBD oil is to hold it under the tongue for around 10 minutes !

This causes 2 issues…

Firstly the taste just lingers in the mouth whilst you count down the 10 or so minutes.

Secondly, within a minute or so your mouth quickly starts to fill with saliva which you have to either try to hold in the mouth or swallow little bits, hoping that you are not swallowing all of the oil, although it tastes as though you most definitely are and probably losing its benefits in doing so !

So my question to anyone taking these oils is…

How do you take them ?

Does taking CBD oil with, before or after food have an effect on the oils strength ?

Should there be a certain amount of time to avoid foo/drink when taking this oil ?

Any advice appreciated.


Ps, not sure if it’s just mind games, but I’ve only been taking these oils 2 days and I think I feel a bit better in myself, still a bit stiff and clumsy, but I do feel a bit different in a good way !

I am pleased that you are trying CBD.

I use Hemp oil as I would use olive oil; on salads and vegetables. I rather like its nutty flavour. You could always disguise it by adding a little avocado oil or sesame oil. The alternative is Flax oil, but it is expensive.

I have been using CBD paste for over a year now. I take it three times a day and leave it under my tongue for about 3 minutes, as recommended by my supplier. Ten minutes does seem a lifetime. The paste tastes very earthy and resin-like, much like cannabis resin itself used to taste back in the 70s, when I was a student. Cue nostalgic daydreams…

I generally take my paste before each meal, or afterwards if I forget, but I have not noticed and variance in its efficacy as a result.

I am a convert and I will continue using it. Regrettably, I am unable to sign up to any NHS trials using Sativex in my area, but I would like to give it a shot. Will the NHS ever fund it under its prescription scheme? Until the spectre of Brexit loomed I was an optimist.


I’ve been put on a waiting list to be appraised for Sativex.

In the meantime I’m continuing with the CBD oil.

Not noticed any differences in my MS symptoms if I’m honest.

At first I thought I just felt a bit better in myself but now looking back over the last week since being on it, theres no difference at all

I take capsules. Can get it in chocolate truffle form now too