CBD oil

Hi all I was just wondering if anyone has used Olivia raw hemp seed cold-pressed unrefined

If so does it help

Thanks in advance


hi tracey

you will know that until NICE run tests nothing helps ms!

best way is to try stuff and i hope you are pleasantly surprised.

i find a nice gin and tonic helps.

carole x

I use hemp oil it helps me relax it also helps my bladder I think

Unfortunately the alcohol dosent .


I use cold pressed hemp oil from seeds produced by Good Hemp, which is a lot cheaper than the Ol’Vita product. I use it every day on salads and general cooking.

This is not, of course, CBD oil. CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant to ensure only a very low level of the psychoactive element, THC, usually under 0.2%. I use CBD daily and I find that it works very well; I use a cocktail of both the paste and the oil.

A little alcohol does not go amiss either.

Best wishes


To be honest, I use the real stuff, not for everyone agreed, bit it works very well for me. Tracey xx

I use the good quality CBD oil and a little drop of THC oil,

at bedtime i take 3 drops of cbd and 1 drop of thc I get a great nights sleep and I dont have to take Amitriptyline, Gabapenden, Bacolofen or bladder tablets anymore and i feel loads better for that, the only medication i take along with it is Tysabri and vitamin D

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Hi I was diagnosed with secondary progressive MS last year after 4 years of symptoms and I have been told there is no treatment, so i have to manage my own symptoms, my main problem is my mobility so after reading about Hemp, I have ordered the CPD capsules but I am worried about taking them as for my work I drive, has anyone had any side effects from taking them? My plan is to take them when I am not working but would value your experience with taking them. Thank you. Rowena

I’d like to know this too. I’ve just been watching a TV show on medicinal cannabis and quite surprised they mentioned MS as in e of the reasons people use it. Im on carbamezine and the side effects for American are not nice, I constantly feel woozy conatantly so I’ve not been taking it and just putting up with my pain. But I hear this CBD oil is really good for neuro pain and issues. Anyone else use it? Also recommendations of the type to use.

Hi, I use CBD - 16% Purple Paste. I find it affective. Hunter 321 don’t fret as it doesn’t have any adverse effects. Not allowed to advertise on this forum but check online for CBD and you’ll find a company run by siblings (). Everyone advises start with just a rice sized dose and build up as you wish.

I’m in the process of (GP guided) coming off gabapentin as I didn’t find it any good for pain relief and find side effects not nice, but that’s just me, everyone probably reacts differently.

Tippy x

Forgot to ask. Oil or capsule?

Suzlr, I use the paste but the same firm also sell oil … and chocolate too!

Tippy x