CBD oil

Hi all I was just wondering if anyone has used Olivia raw hemp seed cold-pressed unrefined

If so does it help

Thanks in advance


hi tracey

you will know that until NICE run tests nothing helps ms!

best way is to try stuff and i hope you are pleasantly surprised.

i find a nice gin and tonic helps.

carole x

I use hemp oil it helps me relax it also helps my bladder I think

Unfortunately the alcohol dosent .


I use cold pressed hemp oil from seeds produced by Good Hemp, which is a lot cheaper than the Ol’Vita product. I use it every day on salads and general cooking.

This is not, of course, CBD oil. CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant to ensure only a very low level of the psychoactive element, THC, usually under 0.2%. I use CBD daily and I find that it works very well; I use a cocktail of both the paste and the oil.

A little alcohol does not go amiss either.

Best wishes


To be honest, I use the real stuff, not for everyone agreed, bit it works very well for me. Tracey xx

I use the good quality CBD oil and a little drop of THC oil,

at bedtime i take 3 drops of cbd and 1 drop of thc I get a great nights sleep and I dont have to take Amitriptyline, Gabapenden, Bacolofen or bladder tablets anymore and i feel loads better for that, the only medication i take along with it is Tysabri and vitamin D

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Hi I was diagnosed with secondary progressive MS last year after 4 years of symptoms and I have been told there is no treatment, so i have to manage my own symptoms, my main problem is my mobility so after reading about Hemp, I have ordered the CPD capsules but I am worried about taking them as for my work I drive, has anyone had any side effects from taking them? My plan is to take them when I am not working but would value your experience with taking them. Thank you. Rowena

I’d like to know this too. I’ve just been watching a TV show on medicinal cannabis and quite surprised they mentioned MS as in e of the reasons people use it. Im on carbamezine and the side effects for American are not nice, I constantly feel woozy conatantly so I’ve not been taking it and just putting up with my pain. But I hear this CBD oil is really good for neuro pain and issues. Anyone else use it? Also recommendations of the type to use.

Hi, I use CBD - 16% Purple Paste. I find it affective. Hunter 321 don’t fret as it doesn’t have any adverse effects. Not allowed to advertise on this forum but check online for CBD and you’ll find a company run by siblings (). Everyone advises start with just a rice sized dose and build up as you wish.

I’m in the process of (GP guided) coming off gabapentin as I didn’t find it any good for pain relief and find side effects not nice, but that’s just me, everyone probably reacts differently.

Tippy x

Forgot to ask. Oil or capsule?

Suzlr, I use the paste but the same firm also sell oil … and chocolate too!

Tippy x

I know this thread was awhile ago but is there a way to find out the name of the company you are speaking about here? Maybe pm me?

Hiya, they’re called I believe they’re based in Guernsey. Their website is very informative.

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Hello Tracey, to be honest, I’ve been taking many different types of CBD – starting with oil and ending with gummies. And the last ones I liked the most. Here are some reasons why: they are convenient - often, they come in small, portable plastic or glass containers with around 30 gummies inside. The small container size means you can pop them in your backpack or handbag and consume them as you need. Moreover, they are long lasting: as your circulatory and digestive systems operate slowly, that may be what you experience with CBD gummies, compared to some other products you don’t eat. This can offer much-needed peace of mind if you eat gummies for anxiety, sleep, or pain relief. And the main thing – they are delicious for real. I mean, such gummies Probably try them out and give your feedback, it is extremely interesting for me to know how much you’ll like them :smiley:

If you’re taking CBD oil, it’s essential not to take it if you haven’t researched it. Cannabinoids are extracted from the cannabis plant, so some are slightly toxic, and others have minimal effects. The amount that matters most is how much help, not how much is safe. A few tasty cannabinoid-infused tinctures grown in Canada are currently showing great results for people with cancer and other ailments. You can search for the best CBD oil on Where to Buy CBD Oil in Georgia - Joy Organics. I always buy it from them.

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