how do you say MS in italian

I am lucky to be going to Italy next week and have tried to find out how to say Multiple Sclerosis in Italian or anything I can have typed out in Italian so if I have a problem I can show them the card. Any help would be apprecited or any other holiday tips.

many thanks


Hi Jo,

Great you’re going to Italy, being half Italian and having both friends and family there, it’s a country I love!

In Italy MS is known as “Sclerosi multipla

I need to use a toilet is “Ho bisogno della toilette”

Enjoy your trip!



Bit last minute but why don’t you get a Travel card in Italian.

Hi Jo,

Enjoy your holiday and come back refreshed, with a lovely sun tan.



The big problem with the MSSociety multilingual help card, George, is that it does not have anything in Italian on it. (Well, the one in my wallet, anyway)

Apparently, MSers only go to France, Germany or Spain.