Transferring M.S. Treatment from Italy to UK


My name is Giulia, I am an Italian Architect and I’ve always dream to transfer in UK for work.

But since4 years ago, when I’ve been diagnosed MS, I’ve leave my expectation. My fear is about the incompatibility of the transferiment of the medical care that I can have here in Italy.

How it work: here I can have my medicines for free from the local sanitary system (you know that the cost is too high for this kind of therapy. I thake Copaxone 40)

I don’t know how can I transfer my medical practices, if I can continue to gain this important medicine for free also coming there.
I know, also, that is not easy to get the registered residence, so it’s something I did not consider like a way for have medical care.

Sorry for my not perfect English and thank you so much in advice!

Hiya Giulia

Where are you planning to live if you move to the UK! The support you will get re: MS will be different depending where you live!

I have a niece that lives in Italy who was diagnosed with MS when she was only 18 years old!

Sara is now 30 years old and had always received far better help / medication than I ever have.

Her Consultant is so caring and is always helping her when she goes through difficult times.

My Consultant has never offered me any treatments and I don’t meet up with him anymore.

In my opinion you will definitely get better care with your MS in Italy than over here.

Do you have any family or friends over here that you could stay with?

I don’t want to put you off fulfilling your dream as that would be such a shame!

Sue xx

Hello Giulia

You might have chosen a rather bad time to decide to move to the U.K. As it stands at the moment, if you can get a job in the U.K., you’d have ‘worker status’ and might be able to access the National Health System for your MS care and disease modifying drug, ie Copaxone.

But given that the U.K. is due to leave the EU in 92 days, I don’t think you’d have anything like the same rights to move, live and work in the U.K. Sorry, it’s the fault of all those idiots who believed the Leave campaign and voted for it. Now all British citizens are tarred with the same brush, ie the stupidest country in the world.



Thank you so much for your answer!I have a pair of cousin and a good friend of mine in London. I have no fear anymore, and I know that if I need help I’m not alone :smiley: Until now we are waiting for response from the Brexit, but I really want to go out from Italy, and I’d like to start from London :slight_smile: Than we will see what will happen. Thank you so much for the answer <3