Immigrating into the UK and continuing therapy

Hello everyone!
I’m from Poland and after almost two years of the diagnostic process, including several MRIs and a lumbar puncture (after which I had side effects worse than my MS syndromes :roll_eyes:) I have finally been diagnosed with MS in March, even though the doctors were pretty much sure that was it from the very beginning. Suffice it to say, our system here is far from perfect.
I managed to get into the treatment programme and started taking Tecfidera by the end of March. It seems to be going good for now, with minimal side effects, for which I am happy.

Anyway, the reason for which I am writing this post is that I have received a job offer from the UK, England to be specific and I really hope to be able to move there in August. My question is: after brexit, how difficult is it to get a continuation of treatment for an immigrant from the EU? Will I have to go through the diagnostic process again?
I am aware that I will have to find a GP and they will refer me to a neurologist, does anyone know how long this process might take?

I am just really worried about the continuity of treatment, so any advice here would be helpful and appreciated.


Welcome to the site :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, I have no idea how things work with continuing treatment for immigrants. However, I suggest contacting the British embassy in Poland. Hopefully it’s something they could advise on. You could also try the Polish embassy in London. Another source of information we have in the UK is the Citizens Advice Bureau, who can provide help and guidance for all sorts of things - Contact us - Citizens Advice

Hope you find the info you need, and you get settled in quickly when you move