Moving back to the UK - continuing treatment

Hi all,

Posting for the first time after reading lots of helpful things on here and now having quite a specific situation that I’m hoping someone can offer me some advice on.

After 2 years of investigations, which started whilst I was an expat in Poland, I was finally diagnosed in March whilst living in Luxembourg. I have already started on Tecfidera. but in December I will be coming home to the UK and was wondering if anyone had some tips on the best way to try and just continue my treatment?

I have all my results, scans and what not and my neuro here said he will right me a report on the situation so far.

Do you think it is as simple as turning up to the GP and asking to be referred to a neurologist?

Also, is tecfidera available in the UK?

I should have enough medicine to keep me going for a few weeks but I am very keen to try and secure ongoing treatment, as I seem to be handling it quite well so far.

Sorry if this is a lot of waffle. Thanks for reading and I welcome your thoughts and advice.

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hi adam

i’m guessing that you still have british nationality.

yes i reckon you will need to be referred to a neuro.

yes tecfidera is available here.

bon voyage and welcome home.

carole x

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Thanks a lot Carole!

Yes, still a British national so I’m guessing I can just turn up at the local surgery and my national insurance number will still be enough. I think I am still registered with the same doctor as when I left!

Very glad tecfidera is available!

Thanks again,


Your GP probably can’t prescribe Tecfidera - I think it has to be a specialist neuro in a hospital.

and tests might need to redone, all depends on the neuro really

Hi Adam

It’s a good plan to have all your current medical records and a report from your present neurologist. That will give you a head start on transferring over.

Then when you register with a GP in the U.K., you’ll need to get an urgent appointment with a neurologist, preferably one who specialises in MS so they can prescribe your Tecfidera. You may have to do a bit of research on the hospital where you’ll be living to get the name of the right person to be referred to. Floopy is right, only a neurologist can prescribe disease modifying drugs. And they probably have to be MS specialists.

It may take some time to get an appointment with a GP, then a neurologist, then get your prescription sorted out, so you should see if you can get a few months worth of Tecfidera to cover for the change in doctors.


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Thank you all!

I’ve seen that my GP does telephone appointments. It’s a long shot but I’m wondering if I can get the ball rolling already. I’m not 100% hopeful that he’ll make a decision over the phone but maybe I can already get the referral to the neurologist on the go, before I even move back. I’m assuming that the whole process will take a while.

Thanks again!