MS treatment in the UK

I am from Portugal. I’ll be traveling to the UK this October and I’ve been diagnosed with MS 2 years back. How much does medication (tecfidera) cost in the UK? How do I register at the NHS? Does the NHS pay for the entire cost of the medication or do I have to pay for all of it? Since it’s a very expensive medication. I’ll be looking for work in the UK and will settle down there. Any help regarding information about the medication will be helpful. Thank you.

Hello Faiz

I think that fact that so far your post has been unanswered is that nobody who knows has read the post.

I don’t know either, but you could start by looking here:

It appears to me that if you are treated as ‘ordinarily resident’ in England (see the link above for the definition of ordinarily resident), you will qualify for NHS treatment, just as you would if you were a U.K. citizen. Different rules may apply for residents of other parts of the U.K.

I think you need to do some more checking as to whether you would qualify for NHS treatment. The cost if you had to pay for it would be quite a few thousand pounds per year (sorry, I don’t know exactly how much).