Tecfidera prescription

My wife has been on Tecfidera since February and gets it without charge (and delivered) from whichever NHS Trust covers Lewisham in SE London. Anyway, we are considering a move out of London (we are looking at the Rye/Hastings area in East Sussex) so I can cut back on work and help my wife to take care of our 2 year old son. We just wondered if this will have an impact on whether she will still be eligible to receive Tecfidera? Having done some research, I found a Freedom of Information Request to East Sussex NHS Trust asking how many patients received the various MS DMDs and there were 0 people on Tecfidera. I just wondered if anyone had any experience of moving to a different area after being prescribed Tec, or more specifically, if anyone living in East Sussex is currently receiving it? Many thanks!

I live in West Sussex rather than East, but my neurologist is based in Haywards Heath / Brighton & Hove, so crosses the border between East and West Sussex. In actual fact, I don’t live within the CCG area he works in but was referred to him as he’s an MS specialist who is very keen on all DMDs being available to any patient who fulfills the criteria. He certainly prescribes Tecfidera, plus Tysabri, Gilenya, Aubagio (I think) and maybe even Lemtrada (he mentioned this to me a while ago). This is of course in addition to the older DMDs. I really can’t see that no one in East Sussex gets Tecfidera since all the patients referred to my Neuro would have it routinely offered.

I should think the best way forward for your wife is to request a referral from her current Neuro to one based in the East Sussex area once you move. If it helps, I’ll give you the name of my neurologist. PM me if you want it.