New to the UK

Hi there my partner is a British Citizen and is returning to the UK next year. I will apply for a visa to join her but a big worry for me is my MS treatment. I know I have a payment to make to the NHS if my visa is granted. Can anyone explain the route I would take to continue my treatment and how long it could take Jannie2112

hi jannie

i have no idea on the legal aspects of you relocating to the uk.

see the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) as they should be able to help or at least advise you of who to ask.

good luck and welcome to the uk.

carole x

Hello Jannie2112,

As CC58 said, the Citizens Advice Bureau is worth a visit and this may help you, in the meantime - This is only for England, the other nations will have something on their sites (he says!).

Good luck.