Moving Abroad

Hello everybody

I just wanted to know, if anyone has since moved abroad and did they have any problems with access to DMD’s?

Me and my husband are planning to move to Italy, and I’m worried that I won’t be entitled to my copaxone treatment anymore. Can anyone give me some advice please?

Many thanks in advance

Hayleybob x

Hi, just want to wish you good luck for the move and health issues.

Have you tried googling the are you are moving to and read what`s what as regards health treatment? Might show up some useful info.


I have scoured the internet, but am getting mixed messages. I just wanted to hear of any actual personal experiences from those who have been there done it.

Hayley xx

No experience of living abroad with MS. I would be a bit concerned if it was me but you never know I suppose. I hope u get some positive replies that will make it easier for you.

Shazzie xx


supposedly you’ll just need the European Health Card:

  • The EHIC will cover any medical treatment that becomes necessary during your trip, for example because of either illness or an accident. (In an emergency you can dial the European emergency number 112 from any telephone or mobile phone).
  • The card gives access to reduced-cost or free medical treatment from state healthcare providers. (
  • It includes treatment of a chronic or pre-existing medical condition that becomes necessary during your visit.
  • It includes routine maternity care (not only because of illness or accident), as long as you’re not going abroad to give birth. However, where the birth happens unexpectedly, the card will cover the cost of all medical treatment for mother and baby that is linked to the birth.
  • The card covers the provision of oxygen and kidney dialysis. You will have to arrange and pre-book these treatments before you go on holiday. You can ask your GP or hospital for advice, but make sure you are not booked with a private healthcare provider as these are not covered by the EHIC.
  • The card also covers routine medical care for people with pre-existing conditions that need monitoring.

I think you should find out what are the standards of MS treatment in Italy:)

hope this helps,

Alex xx