I'm an Italian girl in London

It’s great for me to find a group where I can ask things and talk here in London :slight_smile:
I’m arrive in UK from only few days.
I’m a Designer and I’m here for find some growing opportunity in work.
The only things that stop me a little is about medicine and healtcare system.
I know that until I pay my taxes in Italy, the italian healtcare system will give my Copaxone to me for free. But I don’t know how does it work here in the UK!
I’d love to be here, becouse I love this big city, the variety of person and the different kind of place there are all inside this town: I came from Catania, a little city in south of Italy, and I prefer much more the metropolis life.

So, can you suggest something to me? I’ve write an email to the help-line for ask to them, but I’ll appreciate if you can also tell me something :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot in advice!

Hi Alice, can you tell us please, what type of MS do you have and how long have you had it?. Have you found a new GP here yet? It is them who would refer you to a neurologist in the UK. I`m glad you are enjoying life here.xx

Hi Boudica, thanks for your answer.
I’ve the one called Recidiva-Remissiva (RR), don’t know how is called in English. And I have it from 5 years.

I’ve not yet search for a GP here.

But what about the modality of having medicine here in the UK?

Thanks again in advice

Ciao Alice, you have to register with a GP quickly and they should refer you to a neurologist you might find it quicker if you find a neurologist to see them privately and then they can get you on the medication you need. I believe that is the way people have to do it. did you bring enough medication to last you?

on this link you have to register with a GP first there is a form you can fill in.

my mother was from Italy originally Naples I have family in milan, gorganzola and recanati, welcome to the uk. SORRY you have MS, i believe you have RRMS. relapsiing remitting MS.

You can ring the MS helpline desk they too can advise you.

How exciting for you to start a new life in a thriving city like London.

in bocca al lupo (good luck), i dont do much italian thank goodness for google translator lol. xxxxxxxxxxxx


Follow the link and dowload the form. xx

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