Sharing MS Experience with an Italian National


I am an Italian National living in Bari, Apulia Region in South Italy. I am a member of the Italian Mulsiple Sclerosis Association (Italy branch based in Bari) and also a volunteer (mainly fundraising). I have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis myself but I am one of the more fortunate ones and as yet the disease has not kicked-in and I am in remission.

My question is one of communication?

I would like to contact a similarly aged sufferer in the UK (I am a 34 year old male) for two specific reasons:

1 To contact a similarly minded MSA member to exchange funding ideas and tips - and

2 To extend my English vocabulary and pronunciation. (And of course exchange my native Italian if so required).

I have good English language skills (my English teacher considers I am approaching Band 6 on the IELTS scale). My speaking is better than writing and therefore I use Skype more than emails where practising my language skills are concerned,

If you could put me in touch with a suitable contact I would be ever in your debt.

Many thanks any way,

Kindest regards


Vito Alessandro Di Gioia

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