May be someone of you is from Poland?

Hi everyone,

I am looking for someone from Poland who suffers like me for MS. I live in London since 2011 and a doctor stated for me MS in 2013. Sory for my English, it is not very good.

Hi Agnieszka, so sorry I cannot help in your language…I have many Polish friends but I cannot speak Polish.

Just want to say welcome to the forum, please write here we will not judge your English just try to support you.


Djindobre Agniezka!
I have worked in Poland and my wife is Russian (I have also worked there).
Your English is much better than my Polish I think!
None of these things are or any practicle help to you (sorry).

Keep posting on here!
Practice makes perfect!

Take Care

I’m from Poland but have been living in the UK a lot longer than you. I live in south west London, how about you? You can reply in Polish if you prefer.