hi anyone speak Polish?

hi its any1 from other country

because im loking some one to chat

who speaks my language

im from Poland and im living in Nottingham tanks

Hi Black cat. Sorry I don’t speak Polish but just thought I’d say hi :slight_smile: Hope you find someone to chat to soon.

Hello blackcat

Welcome to the forum.

Sorry, I’m not from poland. I’m a yorkshire girl…just wanted to say hello


You might get a better result if you make your heading something like, “anyone speak Polish?”

In the meantime hello and good luck from someone who can’t speak anyone else’s language x

Blackcat I can barely speak English sometime let alone Polish

Welcome to the forum.


Thanks you for your reply.

and im happy i can join the grup

i will of trying look for

im alone with my disease and do not know anyone wits MS in Nottingham

I’m sure there is someone else on this forum that speaks polish.


I speak Polish, you can send me private message in Polish if you wish.


Cześć blackcat! I’m Polish and I have MS. I live in Nottinghamshire:) Pozdrawiam.Jacek.

Tanks everyone for replay :slight_smile:

i czesc Marylo i Jacku