Hello and welcome :)

Hello everyone

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Lukasz. I am a physiotherapist from Poland. I worked in KOMR National MS Centre in Poland as a physiotherapist.

Now Me and my girlfriend Iva who is Occupational Therapist from Czech Republic are living in Birmingham and would like to start working as a therapists in UK.

Nice to meet You all. 

If You woul like to know me better just write :)


Hello and welcome. I'd like to wish you and your girlfriend lots of success with your new venture.



Hey Char

thanks for good word :slight_smile:

helloHello and welcome, hoope you find work soon and enjoy living here.



Thank You Janet  :)


Hi and welcome to this site, but how do people know you if you and your girlfriend are genuine or just trying to drum up business? Sorry if I sound sceptical.julsie

It is OK Julsie


We have contact with one branch of MS Society in Derby. We are trying now to get HPC registrations and CRB checkings to start physiotherapy there. Until that we are living in Birmingham.




Good luck, hope I didn’t offend julsiexx

Thank You :)


You did not offend at all

Keep fingers crossed :)

Some people from Derby and surrounding areas know me because of my previous work. They had exercises with me in KOMR National MS Centre in Dabek, Poland during theirs rehabilitation staying :)

Hello and welcome, I hope you enjoy living here, and that everything goes well for you both, Jean   happyflower  

Hey Jean

Thank You for good words but I think the best is still in front of us :)

For now we must wait for registrations and that is verry depressing. 

We are really enjoy with people. They are very kind and always smiling. It is something different than in Poland hehe :)


Greetings and Welcome


Nice to meet You :)


SCOTLAND has a higher rate of MS. 'POLES' get on well with SCOTS.


Hi Lukasz, good luck to you both



There is a very active MS Society branch in Birmingham.

I will write something more about me.

I am Physiotherapist with master degree. I have 4 years experience in MS rehabilitation. I started to work in KOMR National MS Centre in Dabek, Poland after my Bachelor of Science degree. During my work I finished Master degree. I am advance therapist of PNF method and certified user of Lokomat. I was a member of many national and international neurorehabilitation conferences especially devoted to MS rehabilitation.

My girlfriend Iva is an Bachelor of science in Occupational Therapy. She had practice in KOMR National MS Centre in Dabek, Poland for three months. That was a part of Erasmus. She have worked one year in Hospital in Czech Republic and had big practise in many different areas of physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

KOMR National MS Centre in Dabek, Poland is the first (since couple of years not only one) specialist MS Centre in this part of Europe. We have over 17 years of experience in rehabilitation people with MS and have innovative methods of therapy and holistic approach.

This Centre is part of me and I am part of this Centre.

Couple years ago group of English people with MS have visited our Centre on rehabilitation staying. They asked me if I move to England and start physiotherapy on the same level like in our Centre. When they were second time in Dabek I asked for some details and decidet to move here.

Now me and my girlfriend are waiting for CRB check and HPC registration.

I registered on this forum not for making business, I just want to better understand your situation here in UK, gain better knowledge about MS and treatments and share my experience with You all.

Thank You :)

You all are very kind. 

Big hugs for You :)