Wobblylegs calling West Midlands lady

Last week a lady from the West Midlands sent me a PM asking for help and next day I was locked out of this forum.
I have been unable to access the forum for a few days at all, today I am finally back in BUT the newly diagnosed forum is locked and ALL my private messages are gone. :frowning:

If you are that lady I am not ignoring you or not caring it is this damn site so please send me another PM OR if you know a lady from the West Midlands than please ask them if they sent a message to wobblylegs and to message me again. :wink:

For now I am afraid that the hassle has gotten to much for me too, I have endless patience as I have always worked in computing and I now teach computing students but this is beyond the pale. I may drift back here at a later date and will check for PMs but it is just too much with the day job as well.

Has anyone ever educated the development team in Accesibility I wonder :twisted:

If you know me and want to chat please send me a message and I will give you my Facebook name :slight_smile:

Be well all
Pat x