Is it just me?

Hi Everyone

Is it just me or have you all experienced problems? At first I couldn’t log in due to password issues and then on the ppms forum I was not authorized to access it when I tried to post, and now I’ve got all the posts up on the first page from years ago? I do hope it improves as I’m losing the will to live rapidly. I’d hate to lose you all, will try again tomorrow but please someone tell me that it’s not just me.



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Certainly have Cath, and still a lot of weird stuff going on. Don’t go!

Just have to hope they’re working on it, though I can’t understand why they have made this new forum go live with so many bugs. There are people complaining all over the forum, not just PPMS.

as for your old messages problem - when you look at the numbered pages of posts, ‘first’ or page 1 means latest posts, and ‘last’ means earliest threads. Have you gone to ‘last’ page?

Kev x


Hang on in there Cath… it will all be alright in a while. We went through this once before. Please don’t give up… we NEED YOU in the gang!!!

They’ll get the problems sorted over the next few days…

Oh yes… promise you it’s not just you!!!

Love Pat xx


Thanks to both of you. Kev I’m on the page that should have the latest threads as I’ve always done but it has all sorts of things from years ago on it and for some reason it keeps telling me I’m not authorized to post. I’ve obviously managed a new thread but couldn’t post on one from someone else. I managed once then it booted me off. Very frustrating.

Pat you are lovely and I really appreciate your comment, I’m really glad it isn’t just me, I love this forum, you have all helped me so much through this journey and I it’s appreciated. I suppose we all have to be patient. What’s one more hiccup in our lives?

Take care, let’s hope things work better tomorrow. This forum means a lot to me, as do all of you I don’t know where I’d be without you.

Cath xx

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Cath, PLEASE PLEASE dont leave us…its been a night mare my pass word came up as incorrect too I applied for a new one, then actually used my old one when I redid it and its fine now except I have lost my picture of birds flying over the moon.

I can see stuff from years ago too but Pat has assured me it will all fall into place over the next few days!

Cath I remember you first coming on here and you are a great addition…and your medical knowledge is fantastic and you seem to me to be so sweet and kind…please don’t give up on us.

Pat also told me that all this happened the last time things were changed and that a few people she liked actually dissappeared for good …promise you won’t be one of them?

What bugs me is that if anyone should know how people like us with rapidly shrinking brains can’t cope with change it should be be folks at the MS society.

take care Cath,

nina xx

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Cath, there are posts from Admin on one of the other boards (everydy living, I think) which assure us that they know there are problems and are trying to straighten it all out.

Just hang in there. One day we’ll laugh about all this…

Kev x


Hooray! Hooray! We’re back from a forum enforced holiday,

it’s a world of fun under the ms sun ,it wasn’t a happy holiday.

Missed my friends, had the bends, now it’s a happy pollypocket day.

hoping your all well

Pauline xx.


I like that Pauline, what a poet you are. Thanks to all of you for your lovely comments. I know this sounds odd but it’s very reassuring that it’s not just me struggling with the new setup. You have all become like a second family and I don’t think I could manage without you all. I guess we’ll all have to work at keeping our lovely little gang together.

I’m sorry about my less than encouraging posts yesterday but I’m no expert in anything to do with the internet and I’d lost the will to live! My patience had vanished but after a good night’s sleep I feel I’m up to coping with whatever the forum can throw at me - within reason.

Take care and let’s all hope that the hiccups can be banished.

Cath xx

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Brilliant Pauline!!!

Pat x

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No need to apologise Cath! I think we all feel a bit lost on here right now… it’s like they came into our nice cosy little community, shoved us on buses and moved us to a new town!

But rest assured, we will feel at home on here soon!

Pat x

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I am getting used to it but it has been frustrating when its all sorted we will look back and laugh. Don

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I’ve only been on here for three months or so but I did feel bereft last week when it was shut down, and a sense of anger and frustration at the difficulties since.

When you look at the huge list of topics you can select to define a new thread, there isn’t one which says ‘hang out with some good friends who know what I’m going through.’

I think they’ve badly missed the point of the forum especially as far as PPMS goes.

Anyway, people seem to be getting back in dribs and drabs like flood victims going home to survey the damage and weep!

Onward and upward!

Hey, we’ve got a date for our building alterations to start- Sep 5th. Need to crack on with pruning the accumulated possessions some more.

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i had to re-register

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Kev that’s a really valid point, that we come here to hang out with good friends. It’s not that often that I come here for answers, I seem to be on a bit of a plateau at the moment not because I know everything, but I really enjoy logging on and reading about what you’re all up to. I find it very inspiring hearing about accomplishments and enjoyable time spent with friends and family. Knowing that none of you will be beaten by this motivated me, and if I can help someone else or just make them smile or feel welcome and not alone then I’ve achieved something.

Kev I wish you the very best luck with your house renovations commencing soon. How much work are you having done and how much disruption do you expect to endure? Are you able to go away for a week or so while they’re busy or do you intend to monitor progress? I really feel for you. I’ve just endured months of disruption due to my failed house move them renovations. We started packing up in November, the sale fell through in January and we’re still not straight, the carpets and kitchen floor came on Thursday and the kitchen still needs tiling. But I got a real bargain with my tiles, the ones I wanted were £2 per tile but I got mine, exactly the same ones on the car boot sale for 1p each. My entire kitchen covered at the princely sum of £4. It pays to shop around. I don’t envy you but it’s lovely when you start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

What title would you put all that under? Take care

Cath xx

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Hi Guys,

What has happened to the forum site? I took a break from the forum to try and sort out a few things regarding going back to uni.

I only need one module to obtain a dip he in information technology and I am doing this in September.

I came back to the site and could not log in . What happened?

Finally don’t go Cath because of this we need you in the forum.



Hi Robert

At least you made it back, I think there’s still one or two who haven’t. What happened was what they laughingly called a ‘forum upgrade’. It has been chaos for a while. The forum is still not fully functional on my laptop or my ipad. I wonder if the ‘professional.mssociety’ URL is a mirror site of some kind while they iron out the new system? You’re in the right line of business- any ideas?

Good luck with that final module!


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Where do I start, Cath? It’s costing us a lot of money, that’s for sure, but we reckon we’d have to spend more to find a suitable bungalow either adaptable or already adapted.

So downstairs we’re having three doorways widened and installing sliding doors on two of them (living room and dining room), the third is just the opening through from the kitchen to the back door and the utility room, which is also my workshop (now defunct.)

That’s the easy bit.

Upstairs we’re moving the bathroom to a small bedroom nearer our bedroom, and on the same level (no awkward step). The existing bathroom will be knocked through into the small bedroom at the back of the house to make one bigger guest bedroom. Our existing guest bedroom will become my study/music room/studio.

This means that our bedroom, the bathroom and my den will all be next to each other, all on the same level and with nice wide doors and smooth flooring, so I can be much more independent up there. I can’t wait.

The downsides are we’re going from 4 to 3 bedrooms, so the value of the house drops, probably- but maybe our council tax will too? Also there will still be an awkward step at the top of the stairs, but not as awkward as what is there now, which is a step in a dog leg.

We have the option to put a wheelchair lift straight up from the dining room into my den, but for now I’ll carry on with the stair lift and the awkward step.

Exciting but daunting. I will probably go into respite care for the worst bits.


Hi everyone,

Have made it back at last. What a palaver!! Nearly lost the will to live on Sunday because of this.

i suppose this what comes of being computer illiterate.

Not sure now what my password is, so hope I get on again.

It’s been weird reading posts and not being able to reply. But glad to see nearly everyone on.

Mags xx


Hey Mags, you made it! If I had smilies like everyone else seems to, I’d plaster plenty of them around !!!

Kev x

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Hi Kev,

love the owl. All I have is " I have ms ". I know I have ms, I don’t need to see it every time I post.

Where is Don’s frog?

All these changes! My stress levels are through the roof just now as our house is up for sale on Monday

Hope you are all well,

Mags xx