Is it just me?

It is just me or is this ‘update’ a pain? I hate to be negative BUT I don’t like it, I’d just got use to the last one. Does this count as ANOTHER Progressive MS moan?

This is just an experiment, I didn’t like the ‘preview’ so fingers crossed…

Take care folks, M

Hi M

I’m with you, I am back to square one with this forum.

All I can say is I put it down to my age!

Take care


No way, always blame technology. We’ll get use to it like we do with everything else! It’s not even as visually appealing - are my standards too high?

Hope you have a good weekend and take care, M

I’ve just tried to post a reply and failed again ’ getting sooooo fed-up and am thinking of just leaving the site completely!!!

Hi the reply thing has me foxed too. I keep seeing repeats and wonder if I`m doing it wrong.

yes, blame our age, eh?

luv Pollx


I should always have a glass of wine, I’ve just found all the Smilies’s now I can

It does appear to have a basic layout but you can increase the size , colour and style of font, which will make it easier for others to read.

There are also security issues which may have been the reason that the forum was redsigned.

However, it doesn’t allow you to preview , edit or delete which makes it pretty carp !

Its mirroring this MS sickness. Pretty rubbish then …

Hi folks

I had almost forgotten about this post, there’s a positive I once had a post on Progressive MS forum using my ‘signin**’ hellms**’ maybe you could find people that way Steven? far toooooo polite mrbup ‘pretty rubbish’ this disease F***ing well sucks. I would apologise for the bad language BUT I’m not going toM

Hi folks

I have been neglecting you of late, I must say OR repeat this disease F***ing well sucks, I get along by ignoring my Progressive MS. I can make my body do what I want… Madness? denial? HUH, huh, and HUH again, then when I’ve fallen to the floor and my MS says, you bloody fool. You CAN not make your body do what you want you are not in control and it hurts. So a bruised and slightly bashed, take care, M

I’ve just read this post, I’m talking to myself, maybe I knocked my head ‘NO’ says my MS you have been mad for a while. You can’t blame MS for everything… You want a bet Take care M

Not talking to yourself hon… there are others here! Personally I’m in a mood to blame everything on MS. In bed. Tired. Tired. Tired. Blo*dy MS!!!

Take care and try not to fall over,

Pat xx

Lets all wobble together, at least I was VERY close to the floor!! Take care, M