Not sure..

Hi guys
Not sure about this new website at all. Wishing you all the best it’s me. M

It’s not just you. The new site is very difficult to navigate. We’re used to seeing messages appear in a list with the latest comment on top. Now it’s all over the place. The light really doesn’t help. I’ve just switched my iPad to ‘night mode’. That seems to dull the vicious brightness.

Keep trying, I’m trying to pop in each day for a short while attempting to become familiar. It’s not happened yet, my stupid brain doesn’t like change - it’s hard to remember how to do things I figured out yesterday. Plus, my eyes are getting more knackered each day.

If I can’t get to grips, I’ll leave it until my eyes improve. Or until I get a new brain that works a bit more regularly than the one I have!


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Me too. I’m feeling at the moment it’s just not worth the effort

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I’ve just logged on and it does seem different to navigate, but I look on it as cognitive training. You can get stuck in a rut carrying out the same takes the same old way. Embrace the challenge and allow predictive text it’s so much more fun.

Hi M

It’s not just you I find it difficult to navigate as well.

Pam x

The layout is different, I keep popping in to try and get a better handle on following threads. I reckon I will eventually have it sussed. Keep trying. All the best

Hi Everyone
I hope you’re all well.
I’m struggling a bit with this too. I suppose this is a trial just to see if I can reply. It’s frustrating but like the others have said it would be awful to lose you Flowerpot.
I enjoy reading all your posts even if I don’t often reply.
Take care

Will this go out to everyone who replied? i.e. on the board? Take care all M x

i agree sue, i am lost totally and am computer savvy. the FORUM link is right above and not visible when you type. i pop in and give it a few minutes but i am finding it hard work too much overload of stuff.

Hi, I got back to the board :heart_eyes:
It’s very strange, I got a ton of activity on/in my email. Sorry but I didn’t like it, I prefer to come to the site to read what’s going on. Anyone find that unwanted?
Keep well, stay safe. M x

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We used to be able to disable email notifications. That should be possible if you click on your name at the top of the page, click profile and click on preferences, a little lower down that page go into notifications and you should be able to disable.
Hope at least a little of that makes sense.
PS I also hope I’m right!

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We’ll get use to it, I couldn’t think how to sign out!! It was right under my nose, stay safe. M x

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