We have

Hi folks

We have broken the 900 posts!!! Proving that we may be slow but we get there…

Take care and be safe, M

I see its now 910, so this will give it one more.

Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

I wonder if people could fathom the new system there would be more MSers using the site in general.

I’ve posted a number of times but no-one seems interested in helping those struggling with the new system to get their head around it.

Does anyone really know how it works OR is everyone just trying to suss it as they go along?

When you have MS life is a big enough problem without the aggravation of the ‘help’ we used to get on the old site being denied us.


Is it somethig specific? Pose your question/problem as a ‘new post’, if that makes sense. I may joke about on this site with waffle and ramble but MS problems can be dealt with seriously, we are all in the same leaky boat! My way does not work for everyone BUT the gorgilla in the room can be a silverback and WE all know that.

Take care, M

Hi anyone who may be out there

I haven’t been onto this site for such a lon.g time, and have not got a clue what to do and how to find old friends that I had.

Diagnosed PPMS 2009, age 43 and I’m really not coping, not at all. Don’t know what to do. Although I do know that I need help.


Hi Jen, you don’t say in what way you’re not coping, but I assume you mean on emotional level? In which case you need to see your GP hon. There is SO much they can do to help now. Antidepressants are not what they used to be. Many people on here swear by them and they can really help you through a bad patch. Therapy is a great help. Anyway the first stop is the GP.

Is that what you meant? Do you mean more practical help? Aids and adaptations? Money? Are you lonely?

I know it’s hard when things are bad but try and explain a bit what you mean.

If you play around on this site for long enough it does get easier. I think I remember you from the old site. It’s been a while yes?

Hope you’re doing ok and post again with more info so we can help.

Bye for now hon,

Pat xx

We have broken the 1000 posts