Is it just me?

I have Smiley’s today and I think I know why I lost them …all I did was change the background colour too the yellow and they went, so I have reverted back to the glaring white and Smiley’s are back. So there you go.

I am too scared to log out, in case they won’t let me back in!!! You gotta laugh, if I didn’t I think it would be tears.

Hope you are all having a good day.

Pam x


Hi, Everyone,

We have the like button back!

Pat will be very pleased!

Still cant get smilies to stay where I put them though.

Nina x


Mags, to get rid of the ‘I have MS’ thing:

go to your homepage ( click on your name)

go to your public profile

scroll down to the ‘type of MS’ box- just below it is a tick box saying ‘show badge’ and untick it.

Unless of course you want it to stay there.

I thought it might be a subtle icon, but nope!

Kev x

I think we’re all having teething problems but the good thing is that we’re still fighting the gremlins and hopefully the saying about “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is right and we can all go back to our cosy, friendly and supportive little group. Fingers crossed that the creases will soon be gone.

Take care and persevere everyone.

Cath xx


So pleased things are getting back to. normal. It’s so good to be able to come on at ANY time and read what others are doing.

I have missed everyone.

Good to be back.

Jackie x