How dare I?

Good Morning everyone.

Saturday September 6th 2014.

How dare I, get dressed up, go to a wedding, meet lots of people, have nice food and drink, stay up late, take photos and not even menton my condition once.

Oh how it tried to make suffer yesterday. All because I had the temerity to defy the beast. The very beast which likes to dictate every aspect of my life. Well I ignored it for the whole weekend. Despite its petulant little efforts I still managed to get on the tall stool and cook a chicken curry.

Best wishes, Steve.


Hi Steve

Good on you! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Beast 0 Steve 1.

Personally I had a rubbish day yesterday. Had the audacity to work an extra day last week and have my daughter and boys overnight on Saturday…

Came down to earth with a bang yesterday. Beast 1 Mags 0.

Hope you manage to beat it today.

Mags xx


Hi Steve, well done you!!!

I have a theory that when we have to do something we can get through it on adrenalin… but MS… well you call it the beast but I call mine the elf… gives it less power… anyway beast or elf… HATES adrenalin so gives us hell next day. Sometimes it’s even more cunning and will wait a few days before punishing us!

Good for you for insisting on having a good time… and cooking chicken curry… mmmm yummy!

Get lots of rest now…

Pat xx

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Hi Steve, Blumin Brilliant may there be many,many more days like this one.

Pauline xx

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Well done that man

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I love that, really really love that!

What a weekend Steve, tame the beast even if it is for a few days at a time

Polly xxx


Well done Steve!

never ceases to amaze me what we can achieve sometimes when the adrenalin kicks in! Like Pat, I too have an elf not a beast!

anger also does it for me…for a short time after something makes me angry…I mean really angry…I feel so stong and capable again. It is great…if only I could bottle it!

hope you can carry on in the same vein.

nina x

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Well done Steve, sounds like you had a good weekend and I hope for your sake that the beast doesn’t come back with huge fangs and bite your bum (or chew your entire body) this week! I forced the beast to take a holiday at the weekend to let me clean my living room and the hell hole under the stairs but it’s arrived back roaring loudly, hence I’ve been up since 04:30 with my skin on fire and aches and pains in areas I didn’t know could hurt.

It was worth it though so I still feel that I won. Cath 1 Beast 1/2.

Take care


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Good morning,

Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. I think it’s important to voice our achievements. I can put two lines from Paridise Lost together; “though in pain, vaunting aloud…rolling in the fiey gulf” Whether I’m an apostate angel or not is another matter.

Best wishes, Steve.


Sounds like a fab time Steve, and you’re so right, we need to be proud of these sort of achievements, which to most people would just seem like part and parcel of every day life ( and would have done to us before ‘The Fall’). Brilliant!

So this morning I have been got up and dressed, sat on the loo, had a bath, and now I’m sitting waiting before I go off to the dentist. Pretty run of the mill, as a day goes, but I know I’ll feel a sense of achievement this evening.

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Thumbs up from me Steve, and yes its important to tell about achievements.

Pam x