What a weekend


I’ve been saying the year can only get better.

Has it?


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Oh Steve that was most definitely a marathon trip for you…but you were knocked down and got back up, ready to tackle the next battle, thanks must go to your wonderful positive outlook and, of course, your fantastic friends and family. The less said about the little dwarf the better, suffice to say I think he must be a close relative of the taxi man we have here!

Time to rest and recover now Steve, and hopefully to have your trusty chair repaired…ready for your next adventure.

Take care

Pam x

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Steve what a lovely blog …out of a disaster came love and true friendship. You are incredible, you never cease to amaze us with all of your adventures and your sense of humour and you have some lovely friends. How kind of them to take you all those miles back home. Michelle and Frazer xx

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You really are some guy Steve. You really are. I have a meltdown some days because I can’t put my socks on and my shoes. I’m a snivelling wreck while husband grips my ankle and wrestles with my wooden feet. I’m crying /angry when I can’t get my legs to follow my backside into the passenger seat of the car, and again husband has to grasp them and hoist them into place. And then I read your blog. Your determination shines through your emotions. I’m humbled Steve. I really am. X