Life and death in four short days


My word, that was a trip up north.

Here’s my account if you wish to read it:



A brilliant blog once again Steve. I’m so sorry about your friend George it sounds like he was a big part of your life, it was nice that all of your other friends were there with you. We have to make every moment count and have as much fun as we can . I think it’s lovely that you made all of those mince pies for the homeless people …its a shame that they weren’t out , but at least the rail way staff benefited from them . My biggest trips out at the moment usually involve taking Molly places, she’s such a sweetheart but can be hard work too . We stuck to Frodsham yesterday she wanted to buy a “sweetgrabber” it’s a machine that you fill with sweets and it has a claw. We’ d said now she’s 16 that she can manage some of her pips but I have to watch her she’d spend it all on dolls and sweets. The people in Frodsham are lovely they all know us and make a big fuss of Frazer and are wonderful with Molly she always tells them about her latest crush. Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi Steve

So sorry to read about your friend George, what a shock for all of you. You are such a thoughtful man making those mince pies for the homeless, such a kind thought. I normally buy them a hot drink and roll, and always think to myself…there but for the grace of God.

Pam x

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Aw Steve. Beautifully written and very visual as always. I’m sorry for the loss of your friend and glad you were able to share the love of the people there. Glad you get time with Rose too.

Your journeys fascinate me. Taxis, buses, trains and stations…nothing fazes you. Now I feel stupid for my copious tears last night, sharing my fears for what lies in store, as the realisation sets in, that I can no longer walk. Even shuffling with my walker indoors has now become slow, painful and requires so much effort. My positivity wanes somewhat at times and the lines, “I’m doing okay” and “it could be worse” sound hollow even to my own ears.

Love your writing Steve. Please don’t stop that. x

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Poppy, we need to be creative.

I chose electric wheelchairs. I’ve been liberated.

I think the biggest barrier was the thought of going out in the cold. I’ve convinced myself it’s all in the mind and that indoors is warm.

Steve xxx

So sorry for your loss Steve

Sonia x