Had A Bad Day. Cheer Me Up (please)

I’ve been back at work now for about 8 weeks and today was the worst one yet.

I found it very hard to concentrate, my walking got more laboured and fatigue was at an all time high. Hope that tomorrow is a little easier.

Please fill me full of good spirits and tell me it was just a blip and I’ll get through it.

Well you already know that no two days are the same. But with every different day we get wiser and more aware of our troubles and travails. Today is Friday, that’s got to be a good thing! You could also speculate about which overpaid prima donna will embarrass themselves this weekend-perhaps not as spectacularly as Suarez! Where’s Joey Barton with his French accent when you need him? It reminds me of the time when I was on route to Perpignon via National Express. The two portly middle aged coach drivers from Chester were outraged that the supervisor at a very busy Avignon bus station shrugged his shoulders at them no matter how loud they asked their questions-in English!

Best wishes, Steve.

Hi Mr Grumpy, It’s rotten, but it is a blip and without doubt you’ll get through it, however , surely a couple of days off ( or even one ) to rest would be the best thing…is it within the realms of possibility? Good luck…here’s hoping for a good weekend for you…in the meantime chin up! Hoping lots of other people come on to cheer you up Best wishes x

Oh hon… it’s dreadful when you feel like that. I hate days like that and don’t know how you manage to work with it!

But weekend is nearly here… and Spring is here… well it was yesterday anyway!

Keep your chin up mate. You’re doing fantastic working with this bloody MS…

Pat x

Thanks for your replies my friends. I needed some attention after the day from hell.

While today wasn’t as bad, it was still a relief when it was over.

Here’s to the weekend although my other half is away for 4 days so I hope the freezer’s well stocked with meals for one.

As for the mention of Suarez Steve, he’ll cheat, he’ll dive and then eat you alive.

Thanks again chums, I know where you are when I selfishly need you.

Hi, you said your OH is away and you hope there`s food in the freezer.

It reminded me of something Mickey Flanagan said about his wife going to Women`s Lib meetings.

He didnt really mind, but who was gonna cook the dinner?

Cheeky chappie.

luv Pollx