How can something with very little feeling be painful

Hi all

Limbolander but I lost the feeling in my big toe left foot about 2 years ago after a couple of weeks some of it came back but not all, now I have half a big toe with very little feeling but the nail is extremely sensitive, sometimes in bed even the bed covers cause pain. Any idea why?

thanks Julie xx

My nurse told me that whilst the damaged nerve pathways make the area feel numb, it becomes hyper sensitive. So whilst the right hand side of my head and face are numb, it absolutely knacks to have my right eyebrow plucked !! So unfair ! Xx

Ooh yes, now this is something I have noticed. My feet are numb/altered sensation but if I stub my toes or brush harshly up against something my toes are super sensitive! Anyone would think I’ve cut my toes off not just stubbed them. Same for my legs too, I feel like I’m completely overacting but it really hurts!! Sam x

Ahhhh, this is me this week (relapsing at the mo). Leg is numb, but then it’s hyper hyper sensitive. Eh? A really horrible sensation - I told my hubby it was the physical equivalent of hearing fingernails scraping on a blackboard! Yuck x

Thanks guys

thought I was losing the plot, could have screamed every time the bloody duvet brushed over my toe nail last night and have had to put my roomy boots on so they don’t press on it pft, well we live and learn.

Hope you all have a good weekend julie xx

Hi, just a thought…do you toenails need clipping? I ask because even when mine are trimmed down, they still dont like the duvet touching them. I now see an NH chiropodist regulalry. Mine dont grow right and removal has been mentioned…eeek!

And then, how can something so numb, be painful?

Weired innit?

luv Pollx

Thanks Poll

No been clipped, had to buy stupid grip ones to do them and keep on top as I can get an ingrown toe nail otherwise, even been moisturised and still painful, as flare-up, relapse (whatever they call it) at the moment an other new symptom it’s probably that. Started to buzz, feel like the bed or settee is moving as I’m trying to nod off, so It’ll probably settle down again when that does.

Some really weird symptoms, that you couldn’t make up lol

julie xx