Feeling or not feeling


Out of interest, is the numbness that you experience, a bit like the area being wrapped in cling film, it’s not a normal sensation but then again its not numb either.


Mine it feels like i have had local anaesthetic injected into it. I am not diagnosed though.

I call it feeling numb but actually I can tell when something touches me so it isn’t actually numb, just altered sensation.

Mine always felt like it was only surface deep, like a very thin sellotape on the skin… however this was the weird thing, it felt numb but wasn’t, I could feel touch. Not dx.

I’m not diagnosed either but some of my numb patches are more of a reduced sensation as though sellotape over the skin but a couple of places like my big toe and sole of heel I could stick a needle in and not feel it. Axx

Hi Billyboy, I’m also awaiting a diagnosis and feel the same not-quite-numb sensation in a few places. Its odd, isn’t it? A tactile version of being hard of hearing. In the bath the other day, it felt like I was wearing one long sock as heat sensation was also reduced.

I too get numb patches were I feel touch. Then like arwen on the soles of my feet it feels like sellotape…its the only way to describe it. If my husband sticks pins into certain parts of my feet, I can’t feel anything…much to his disappointment lol. Another thing as well!! sometimes in the area were its numb I get an irritating itching.

What puzzles me is that how can something that is numb, hurt so much?