How are MRI results usually given?


Apologies if this has already been asked, but I haven’t been able to find anything specific regarding this topic and I am completely new here - so thanks in advance for your help!

When I was 29, last year I suffered a range of confusing and unusual symptoms over a few months (I’ll spare you the never ending list of ms-like symptoms) which has led to my GP referring me to a neurologist as he suspected MS although I did not have any ‘visible damage’ to my nerves from the checks he did I had enough symptoms to lead to a further investigation.

Skip ahead to now and I’m still suffering the after effects of the horrible episode and I’m left with spells of weakness and migraines which are crippling and distort my vision. There are spells where I have sharp stabbing pain on the left side of my face when I smile. I have permanent crawling sensation on my pelvic area and down my legs and various shooting pains and joint pains. Neurologist sent me for an MRI two and a half weeks ago of head and c/spine.

please could you tell me how the results are given as I’ve never had any scans before? The GP said they won’t be told as the neurologist ordered the scan - do I get a call or a letter? If it’s clear will I even be told? My friend told me they had a scan before and no one contacted him as it was clear so 3 weeks later he called and they were rude to him because he expected to be told that he had a clear MRI.

Any experiences of yours would be so helpful so I have an idea of what to expect - I kind of feel as though the doctors are steam filleting over me as I’m in shock about all of this and fell like I can’t assert myself because I have no idea what usually happens! This was NHS by the way.

Hi LottieBear.

Well i dont know if this is going to be any help. Ive had 5 mri scans since June this year mind 3 i was in hospital so they told me what was on it , which in the big scheme of things doesnt help because you want to see for yourself .

The fourth i was told about via a letter which of course was full of big words i couldnt understand so had to google to see what they ment .

The last one , i was called in sat in his office he switched a screen on showed me the lesions on my brain and spine , explained everything in minute detail , answered all my questions and thentold me what would happen next .

So im sorry but the long and short of it is , if your in hospital they will tell you as a rule , if not and they dont think there is owt to worry about its a letter in the post , if there is a problem you get called in .

I hope this has helped you , if not your probably even more confused .

Best Wishes Iain .

Thank you so much Iain, that has helped a lot actually!

The neurology secretary is off with a long term sickness at the minute so it is the secretary for infectious diseases if you have to call for an enquiry! Lol I think the poor soul must be at her wits end with people calling and asking for MRI results to be explained!

I have seen posts where people have a report that they can read and also others where a doctor has explained it to them so I was unsure how the process works - I just have to be patient and wait for them to contact me it seems.

Thank you for taking the time to explain.

Hi everyone hope you are ok went to see specialist Thursday explained what was happening didn’t want to know I said to him you don’t believe me he just smirked but I have got MRI scan in 4 weeks explained the other results and lumber puncture results both positive just need to know anybody had the same happen to them as

Hi Hollieaston.

I was wondering if you could answer my question!

I had an MRI on the 26th October and today I was called and told I had been referred to an ENT specialist.

Have you ever seen one? I’m worrying it’s completely separate to my results.

thanks xx