Hosepipe Ban/Priority Services Scheme

I’ve recently been put on my water companies Priority Services Scheme due to my MS and some of my personal needs. I received a letter this morning informing me of the up and coming hosepipe ban which I’m sure most of us are aware of. Due to me being in their Priority Services Scheme I am exempt from this ban and can still use a hosepipe should I need to if a watering can isn’t possible, this is good to know and I can use my letter as evidence of this should anybody quiz me over it.

Might be worth a check for some of you (if possible) with your own water companies to see if they have a Priority Services Scheme available for you to be put on, there was no charge for me to join.

Twinkle Toes x

that is wonderful trudging in and out to fill a watering can wouldn’t be any fun at all. good work twinkle toes’ water company!

Sorry, don’t want to be a damp squib but, we’ve all got to save water - how would we cope without it?

All the reservoirs are at all time lows. The water companies are putting in a ban for a reason.

Summer of '76 there were water stations in the streets and you had to go and fill your buckets. This year reservoirs are worse than '76. Mind haven’t heard the ‘bath with a friend’ slogan yet!

Hose pipe ban means I just wont water my plants. One less struggle to do!


Hi J,

You’re not being a ‘damp squib’ (as you put it) you were mearly making a point.

Yes, the reservoirs are at an all time low due to the continued hot weather and lack of rain and I do ‘only just’ remember this happening in 76, and we all need to be doing our bit to conserve our water supplies and I do, probably like many others.

I have only recently purchased a hosepipe to help me out in the garden but have not yet been able to use it (that’s another story) but I’m aware that other people have been using them to help them combat some of their MS symptoms due to the adverse heat. So I thought it was useful information for them to know that I was exempt and I could still use a hosepipe if I needed to, and so that should they need to, they might still be able to continue using a hosepipe and that a Priority Services Scheme might be available to them too if they were able to find out about it.

So glad that the ‘bath with a friend’ slogan hasn’t popped up :-/

Twinkle Toes x