Horse fly bites, advice anyone


If you go to Snow Queen’s update on Dickie and see my reply you wil see at the end my problem with the bites! Sorry I can’t type it all in again, just not got the concentration.

Any help would be gret.

Thanks All



Hi Anne,

I just read your comments over there I’m sorry I can’t offer much advice, other than to suggest you get some arnica cream/gel for the bruising. I find arnica very good on bruises.

Sonia x


Thanks so much.

The swelling is gettings bigger. Over 18 cms across now and over 15 cms the other way and I have two of them, the other one is just as big. Got stomach cramps and keep needing to go to the toilet. Heart rate is slightly elevated. Horrid horrid. All having horrid side effects on the old MS. Really feeling unwell. Hope I feel better tomorrow.

Night all



We often get bitten by horse-flies - and so do our horses!! Bothersome creatures - To try to keep them away we have found that Avon skin-so soft dry oil is good - and so is Morrisons Minty mouthwash! No kidding - we are all dabbing it on horses/riders - you do have to keep applying it.

For actual stings - and don’t they swell up - try dabbing cider vinegar on it. lt is alkaline and corrects the ph in the skin. Also for persistant itching take anti-histamine tablets. Try not to scratch - as it is this that makes it worse.

lt is said that eating lots of garlic - puts biting insects off - [and lovers - unless they are French]