Horse riding and MS

Yes I’m very fortunate at the moment to still be riding my horse. And long may it continue.

I was wondering if there were any fellow horse riders on the forum.

I find sometimes I have very little strength in my lower legs and cannot be very affective. Have others found this?



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Hi really nice to meet a fellow horse rider. I have been diagnosed nearly 1 yr now and also Iam still managing to ride my horse 5 days a week and also completed the occasional weekend I don’t have the problem of weakness but if I go out for a longer ride Iam absolutely shattered for the rest of the day but t defiantly find riding and going down the stables is the best medicine possible and hopefully let it continue

hello ladies

i know nothing about horses! i was 10ish got on one side and fell off other-never went near another in 40 years BUT…

i know that equine therapy is recognised for helping with core strength amongst other things (theres such a place near me used by disabled kids and adults)

long may you both enjoy the company and support from your horses!



Hello Sally, yes I’m a fellow horse rider as well. Been diagnosed just over a year. I hope to keep riding as long as possible as well but I do find I tire quite easily.

I have my own horse. Always had them. I’ve been diagnosed 6 years now and touch wood doing fine. A schooling whip could help you and lessons to strengthen your core.

Thanks everyone for your replies. Yes schooling whip sounds obvious I’ll give it a go when it’s less windy!!!

sometimes I find it hard doing up the girth?

I feel very fortunate that I can still enjoy my hobby.


I started to ride on a Friday afternoon after work.

It was the best ever thing to just roam the Kent countryside on the back of a placid old cob.

I can’t do it now but It’s a great memory.


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My daughter she doesnt have MS but M.E. and fibromyalgia. She was bedridden with her M.E. I got her a colt and it encouraged her to get up. Finally over the years she is now riding and also running her own business. Her horse has saved her. Without him i think i might have lost her she was in a bad place with her marriage and was just stuck in bed with her children being her carer. I know its not MS but the symptoms are comparable mixed with her fibro. She swears by it, has helped disabled riders ones with MS to ride and enjoy themselves. Sometimes having something to care for which gets you out is really good for you.

Yes, even when I’m knackered after a week at work I crawl out to see the horse. I do tend to feel better. The ms team in the hospital are also supportive of the riding, much to my mums disappointment as she thinks I spend too much on the horse!

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Hi everyone! It’s so lovely to hear how much your horses are helping you! My horses are always pleased to see me, love cuddles-except the grumpy one-and have great manes to cry into! I’m a carer for my bed ridden hubby with SPMS and my feisty 87 year old mum with very reduced mobility and my horses, though incredibly hard work keep me sane-ish!

I say that cos I think you have to be a bit mad to own horses, what with the vet’s bills etc! I also think that, having to deal with anything from mud fever, abscesses, colic and cushings disease-to name but a few-has helped me deal with the many challenges thrown up by ms!

I’ve had to give up a lot due to being my hubby’s full time carer and a lot of people say I should sell the horses or rehome them but they are my babies-the eldest is 24 on Tuesday and the ones I call the babies are 16 and 17 at the end of April ! I also have a gorgeous, mad Greek Rescue Dog!

This winter has been a real battle physically and financially and for the first time I started asking myself could someone else give them a better quality of life! Not Mr Grumpy-they’d soon send him back and I’d be sued! The trouble is, I’ve had dreadful experiences with friends who’ve found so-called good homes and their poor horse or pony has been passed from pillar to post and had a dreadful time!

i then give myself a good talking to and decide that I’m not selfish to hang on to the only bit of my previous life that’s left and, compared to a lot of horses, they still have the best life I can afford to give them and above all they have my undying love!

Take care and enjoy your fur Babies! Xx

ps it’s nice to talk about something that’s not medical or ms for a change! Xx

My wife copes with me & my MS. She has to go out at least twice a day to care for and or ride our horse. He keeps her calm and most times puts a smile on her face, but even when he causes her grief, it is not the day to day kind. Without the horse she might have strangled me a long time ago.


Yes I do, I was diagnosed about 5 years ago now. Still ride about 4 times a week. I am similar with lower leg weakness which I do think Forest takes advantage of sometimes :see_no_evil:. I find riding with a schooling whip in each hand to help out my legs does work sometimes xx

Hey guys new here ! Yes I was a pro Showjumper until ms got too bad. Still ride my old Grade A just pootling’s been devastating but I still have my beloved boy xx


Glad to hear that your horse keeps you focused. I have MS but fortunately my wife has a horse. Having to go out and look after him during lockdown has kept her going and able to put up with me and my gripes. Our horse is rubbish at show jumping (he collects cricket scores, but cross country jumps like a stag. He also does dressage and moves like a warmblood despite being a bog pony!

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Blindly he moves exceptionally well! Horses are so helpful mentally. Here’s my ex team GB horse is is retired and still a total Wally !!

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Meant blimey !!

sign of a good back especially when they go right over.
Nice one

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25 and still bucks me off haha xx

Great to hear of you all enjoying your horses, carers and MSer’s. They really are the most amazing animals. I am not yet diagnosed but think it’s not too far off. I’ve been eventing for 29 years but very sad that perhaps those days are over. I’ve had a couple of falls this year that really shouldn’t have happened. Take care all of you and enjoy that poo-picking!!

Blimey, I remember poo picking!
One of my wife’s supernatural skills is the ability to lob poo with amazing accuracy while skipping out.