Does anyone on here go horseriding?

I know it’s a long shot, but I’d love to know if anyone on this forum with MS is able to look after and ride a horse. I’m not yet diagnosed but I’m having some pretty major balance and mobility issues and one of the things that is really stressing me out is the thought that I may have to sell my lovely pony mare. I’ve hardly done anything with her for months; my lovely husband has been doing all the work through the winter as I couldn’t cope with all the mud out in the field in my current wobbly state!

Any tips and advice on coping would be much appreciated.

Tina x

I dont have an interest in horses, but was talking to a lady with MS at the weekend who did. She said she went to a riding school who also did Riding For the Disabled as she knew they would have quiet horses there! She still goes and enjoys it. For all I know she comes on this forum and may be able to discuss more.


Wait for Boudica. She will convert you to trap riding as well!

With a username Boudica she’s got to be a horsewoman!

Hi, having never ridden a horse in my life I began last year at the local Riding for Disabled school and I love it. It has helped with my balance and apart from ‘jelly legs’ when I come off think it is having an positive effect on my walking too. The school caters for all sorts of disabilities and the group I am currently in are all fellow MSers - and one of them has recently bought her own pony.

I am really sorry that the MS is raising these sort of questions for you. It is horrible when it interferes in this way, and I have horsey friends (not MSers) who have struggled during periods of ill health when they have had to either impose on long-suffering friends or pay through the nose for livery while they worry about keeping their beloved animal well and exercised and wonder how long they can keep things going at all. It is an awful worry, and I really feel for you.


l have had ms for 31 years - and have still managed to keep riding. l do have wonderful friends and neighbours who now do most of the work and ride. They are such a good team. l can get up to the yard from the house on my Tramper scooter - which the horses all know and recognise its me coming along. l am fortunate that l have these helpers - and they in turn - are so happy being involved with the horses/pony. One friend brings her daughter - who learnt to ride on my daughters old pony - now she has advanced to riding the bigger boys. The old pony is now 41 - except he thinks he is a young stallion and still gallops about chasing the others. lf you can get someone to share the responsibility of caring and riding - then you should be OK to carry on riding. l never ride on my own anymore - and l always have my phone with me. 3 of them are broken into harness - which does give you the opportunity to take friends out with you - and the horses love it as well.


Aw, thanks for all the replies. Makes me feel a bit more optimistic. I actually managed to bring my old retired pony in from the field today all on my own! I probably looked like a dithering idiot and there was a fair bit of losing my balance and swearage, but I got there. I haven’t ridden since last August but now the weather is finally cheering up I’ll have to give it a go.

Just can’t imagine a life without the neddies!