Just waiting to bite you...

MS is everywhere just waiting to bite you on the bum! Usually in a painful and embarrassing way,reading our posts do you know what I see? Humor I was out for dinner OR when I was last out for dinner there was a tricky piece of brocilli (there always is) If I’d been home I would have picked it up I won’t say it landed in the cleavage of a neighbouring guest but it was damned closeAlso if I’ve just put on a nice clean top, white or light coloured,it’s going to get some food on it - I’ve started wearing my kitchen (chef) apron. Here we are guys I hope you have a good weekWe have to

Flying brocolli… love it!

I had a case of flying lamb cutlet recently… you gotta laff! (luckily cleavage wasn’t involved).

Don’t even talk about food on clothes! Constant problem. Also wear chef’s apron!!!

Have a good one…

Pat xx

Have been into soup for lunch lately - warming when it was so cold! I seem to be permanently wearing a drip of soup on my top. Very noticeable - particularly when it’s pea and ham! Thank goodness - looks like Spring is finally here! Now the problem is that I’m too hot at night. Have sent off for a 4.5 tog diver today. Hopefully that’ll help! Take care all! Teresa xx

duvet not diver!

lol WONDERED WHAT A DIVER was. grrrr caps lock again I eat cereal everyday and end up with milk down my tee shirt just discovered porridge dont drip as much but when it does boy its messy, I take my fat handled cutlery out wwith me to eat being fat andd heavier it stops my spasms I must say I have never encountered a cleavage incident so I must try harder next time I am out XX Don

Ha Teresa! I was going to make a comment about your diver, but see you`ve corrected yourself! I put a 4.5 tog duvet on my bed, in warmer nights, but not yet!

luv Pollx

Fell about at your 4.5 tog diver. Oh it’s good to laugh!! x

Bloody predictive text on the iPad creates so many problems! Drives me mad grrr! Teresa xx

Hi all

I so agree with you about “flying food” and drinks, but today I excelled

myself. Had a box of Bakers dog food, nightmare to open, but I eventually

done it, and yes, it went all over the floor.

Come to the conclusion the only thing I am good at now…is sitting on

my a**!!

Keep smiling.

Pam x

Oh dear Pam… dog food everywhere… yuk!

Pat x

I think I mentioned on a post this week that the thing I am best at doing now Pam is sitting on my a**e! Yuk to the dog food! Teresa xx

Coooool, what are we like? My medications regularly jump/fall/fly… it occasionally disappears into my cleavageSorry if it’s too early in the morning for such a subjectTake care , be safe, watch out for flying objectsM

Same here M but mine usually roll all over the floor and I can’t find them again! Hope yours are as effective having disappeared down your front! LOL. Teresa xx

Chips today, so that will undoubtedly cause a laugh! Teresa even

sat on my a**e I can still cause problems!!

It maybe worth putting my tablets down my cleavage M, perhaps

they will have more benefit than before. lol

Pat, how is that tree doing? glad to see your wheelchair is

progressing, have wheels will travel.

Take care everyone

Pam x

Tree is almost in bloom Pam! Any day now!

Pat x

If my drugs make it to the floor, I’ve noticed after they have stopped rolling, it’s usually under somethingor behind something. I’ve not been aware of any inprovement in the drugs, by absorbtion!! Take care guysM