Needing to wear 'bib' - just clumsy or MS?

Hi all - I’m finding that I put an apron on most of the time I eat at home now, because I keep dropping food down my front! Each case in insolation could be put down to a normal slip-up, but I don’t seem to be able to get through a whole meal without spilling something. It is not something I’m aware of doing, and I don’t think I’ve got a tremor when it happens. I wonder if I am subtly misjudging the distance to my mouth, or where it is? I occasionally find it difficult to use cutlery, if I’m very tired or distracted.

Has anyone else got experience of this?? Thanks :slight_smile:

I do this too, but I blame my boobs for making me have to have my plate further away… My Mum is notorious for her ability to wear her dinner, and she doesn’t have MS or anything else that would affect her eating ability. I don’t see a reason why it couldn’t or wouldn’t be linked to MS, but might not be. Is it something that’s suddenly started happening?

My partner calls them my ‘crumb shelf’! Good to hear someone else does it too - it feels as though it has got more of a problem over the past year, though very possible that I’ve decided that it is more of a problem and am noticing it more. Co-ordination has never been one of my strengths, regardless of MS - so maybe good ole clumsiness :slight_smile:

hi becca

i understand your problem.

i’m getting used to the sighs from my husband (pushing his bloody luck there!).

knives and forks have a life of their own even when i’m not eating.

they leap out of the drying rack so that i have to bend down and pick them up.

i don’t like bending down because i feel faint when i do.

take care

carole x

:slight_smile: yes - I know I’m having a bad day when I just don’t want to empty dishwasher and put things away (more than ususal) x

Hi, I`m a messy eater too… I use a tea towel as a bib, when at home. When dining out I use 2 or 3 serviettes. Whe our kids were small, they had a soft plastic bib with a turned up catch part. Wish I could get one for me now!


Hi Poll, they are readily available, even on Amazon but for once seem to be cheaper from mobility shops, I bought some seviette chains to clip my tea towel and take them with me if we eat out.

I’ve just had to remove a big lump of cheese with pickle attached from the seat of the chair I was sitting on to eat my lunch. No idea how I managed to drop it and somehow end up with it underneath me!! Talk about messy eater. It’s a miracle if I manage to not drop food all over the place. There are only so many times I can blame the cat for my mess!


Phew!!! That’s a relief I thought it was just me. Thanks guys.