A Light hearted true story

Hi One and all hope your are as well as can be.

Yesterday I was having lunch with O/H and I was sitting in my armchair. In one hand I had a plate and in the other I had a really yummy jam doughnut. Without warning I had a myoclonic jerk, the plate went right up into the air twisted round and landed the right way up, pleased to say I still had a strong hold of the jam doughnut. Hubby turned to me and said, I knew I should have hoovered after lunch!!! There were crumbs all over the carpet and all I could do was laugh.

Hope my tale of woe makes you laugh as well.



Hi Janet,

I can see you got your priorities right: S*d the plate, just hang on to the doughnut!

I’m almost ashamed to admit that if I “threw” a doughnut on the floor, I’d probably pick the fluff off, and still eat it - especially if nobody was watching.

Just too much of a disappointment to get that close, but then throw it away. Still, at least you weren’t faced with that dilemma - well done for hanging on to it.



i feel proud like i’ve done something athletic when things like that happen.

before ms i was at glastonbury festival on the mudslide down to the main stage, i was carrying a ;pint of cider, my bag and my jacket. i started slipping and made a big decision that i wasnt going to be one of the mud monsters. i touched my fingertips down and sprang back up. my husband was amazed and asked me what i was doing. “just break dancing” i said.

recently i was at sainsburys and took my trolley back. i am very conscious of being unco-ordinated so picture this - i had 3 carrier bags in one hand and tried to retrieve my pound coin. when the £1 shot out of the trolley and i just moved my arm and caught it in my bag! a man said “good save!”

so janet we should be ok for the next paralympics eh?

carole x

You always have the 10 second rule - you just need to be quick!

Hope you keep hold of both your plate and doughnut today Janet

Knowing my luck trying to be quick with the 10 sec rule I would end up falling over and squashing it!

I am happy to be a tramp and do it slowly just to ensure I get it safe and sound.


Tina truth be told I’d probably have picked the doughnut up and still have eaten it, I can’t stand waste!!! No doughnut today worse luck!

Carole see you at the next para’s although I feel you may well beat me as that was very clever with the pound coin.

Pip we’d make a good pair.

Hope you enjoyed my little hiccup!!! Thanks for your responses.