ANOTHER FALL 2 in 2 months!!

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all as well as can be expected.

This morning my O/H was due to start Jury Service so I said I would get up and make sure he had breakfast before he left. He woke me up. I put my dressing gown and slippers on stood up and bamb I was on the floor. The door against my back my left leg askew, grazed knee plus a few bruises. O/H came running back to see what had happened but because somehow I’d shut the door and was leaning on it he couldn’t get in. I tried and tried to shuffle along on my rear but couldn’t manage it. I eventually told him to gently push the door and it would help me move forward enough for him to get in. He finally made it and had to pick me up as I just couldn’t get up on my own. Now I was worried and he was in panic mode. He had to be at the court at 9.30 am. As luck would have it my son is on holiday this week so off went my hubby. About 3/4 hour later he phoned to say because of it happening the courts had sent him home, so no Jury Service for him. Now I feel awful as he’s missed out on what could have been an interesting time and a break from me.



Oh so sorry Janet, Another horrible fall. They are frightening aren’t they? I am sorry your husband missed out on jury service but he was obviously really concerned about you. Have a lovely restful day today and look after yourself. Thinking of you, Teresa xx

Morning Janet, so sorry to hear this, another fall how awful for you, I hope you weren’t badly hurt, I am sorry you hubby didn’t get to do jury service, but you come first, take good care, Jean x x

Oh no janet, another fall! They do upset us mentally as well as give us bodily damage! Whenever I have a fall or a near miss, I study hw it happened, to see if i can work out anyway of avoiding it in the future! Sometimes it works, others not!

Take extra care, yeh?

luv Pollx

Hiya hope you aren’t covered in bruises again.

As Poll says you need to look at why you are up one minute and on the floor the next. Was it a simple blood pressure thing that you simply got up too quickly or can you identify any other reason for it eg what are potential side effects of your medication?

If not do you need to be seen at falls clinic so that they can help you look at falls avoidance.So far you have only been a bit battered, but I guess its knocked your confidence again so its better to be safe than sorry.

As a person with something ruptured in my knee ( but its too swollen to work out what) because I used my good leg to prevent a fall you need to avoid falls at all costs!!!


Oh poor you, that’s a horrid experience

How are you now? xx

Hello Janet,

Yup I know the feeling, my balance is very squiffy and I must not walk and talk, I fall over frequently. On a serious note talk to your MS nurse or neurologist. Not wanting to sound too ‘old womanish’ but you could easily break a bone & MS people are likely to have bones that are more brittle than a healthy person.

Get a walking stick or maybe ever a rollator. These things do help to keep pride and body intact.

I’ll be OK


Hi Janet,

I know it probably wouldn’t have prevented your fall, as you’d have had to get up eventually anyway, presumably. But one thing nobody seems to have asked is why you were having to prepare your husband’s breakfast in the first place? What illness or disability has he got, that he couldn’t get up and make it to an appointment at 9:30, without someone else preparing his breakfast for him?

Seems crazy that you are having accidents, trying to make sure he eats and leaves the house on time! If he was the one that needed to be up early, why didn’t he offer to get breakfast for you, I wonder?

Sorry, but I get annoyed with this. How ill would you have to be, before it dawns on him he could get his own breakfast?

I am sorry it happened, and realise Hubby was concerned and sorry afterwards. But perhaps it might make him think twice about whether it’s fair to wake you and expect breakfast.


Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all your replies. Patrick I had a walking stick in my hand when it happened and I do have osteoporosis!!! What can I say to that. Tina it wasn’t his idea for me to get up and get him breakfast, I wanted to do it for him, so I guess it’s my own fault and I do hate giving in and admitting I can’t do something. If I’d have left it to him he wouldn’t bother and he didn’t.

It really has knocked my confidence and am now using my rollator indoors and have asked social services if I could possibly have a walking frame upstairs. Yes I have plenty of bruises but my knee is open where I grazed it. As to how it happened I’ve no idea as it happened so quickly. Have been resting all day today.

Thanks once again for your replies.