What the hell is this all about

I’m crying like a loon over two bloomin eggs … Hubby out …at work…again…so I’m having an ok day and thought I’d cook something properly for the first time in ages…ok, so I had to sit at the kitchen table, but the beef and veg are safely deposited in the slow cooker for a casserole and I’m still feeling ok…weak but ok…so I decide to make a cheesecake as well…biscuit base is done, blueberry sauce is done…just the topping to do…two eggs left in the fridge…over I wobble and promptly lose grip and drop them on the floor…sheer disbelief !! And now I’m completely done in and for some inexplicable reason, really, really upset…despite a stern talking to !!

Ah love! You did so well to get the casserole done, but maybe making a pud as well, was too much. You should`ve rested in between.

Any theres now wrong wi opening a ready made dessert!

Enjoy the meal when hubby gets home.

luv Pollx

Hello Mrs. H,

I understand just where you are coming from, as for one thing we are all programmed to try and do our best; especially on the days when the MS leaves us alone, and then it does a dirty on you by causing you to drop that egg. All I can recommend is that you savour your first course all the more and just pretend that you are on a diet so don’t want the pudding. I know just how you feel though.

Take care,



((for you))) been there-several times…let the tears out then enjoy ur meal.

ellie x

Oh dear maybe the pudding wasn’t meant to be. Enjoy your casserole and be proud that you managed that . I tried juggling (not litterally) with a tray of eggs my dad had brought from the farm shop for me, all 12 of them ended up on the garage floor - think it took me an hour to clean the slimey mess up. Was exhausted by the time I’d done :frowning: Be proud of your achievement, & take care it’s only 2 eggs it could have been 12!! Sue xxx