*&%*** WASPS!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone have any suggestions to ease a mega wasp sting??? ( i squashed it under my arm and it stung badly) its sooooo painful, have ice packed it and taken anti-histamines and its driving me mad. to the point i feel a bit woozy and not quite with it!!!

Suggestions/advice gratefully received!!!

Kate x x

that happened to me when i was being bossy with a boyfriend when i was 17.

hand on hip giving him an earfull when a wasp flew up my sleeve and stung my armpit.

i had to grovel so that he would drive me to the nearest chemist

i bought wasp-eze and it was great

carole x

Thanks Carole,

gonna pop to tescos and get some, happened half hour ago and is still really sore

never had a sting like it before…

Kate xx

I got stung this morning and it’s still a bit tingly. I was on the patio and lost my balance, grabbed the window sill and squished an unhappy wasp.


Ouch Val!!!

My one was still attached to me buzzing furiously when i lifted my arm up

the wasps seem to be out in force at the moment!!! Soo many of them around ( i think there are more than usual)

Kate x

The wasps are out in force - and getting angry because their summer is almost over. To help ensure they at least all gather at the same place almost fill a jar with water and smear jam around the top…then put it as far away from you as necessary. Unfortunately it will result in a few drownings but should also cut down on stings.


Thanks Liz

will do that tomorrow!! The little one is scared of wasps so might help him!!!

Kate x x

Vinegar is what your meant to put on them think it neutralises the sting?! I had one crawl up my jeans last year and suddenly felt a pain above my knee thank god I was at home had to whip them off immediately and swat it! Mind you if I had been out in public I may just have to do it anyways lol! I have a nasty reaction to stings my knee swelled up like a tennis ball I went to the docs and think they have me steroid cream it was nasty! hope it feels better soon Emma x

Yes, vinegar on a cloth.

Vinegar for wasp stings and raw onion for bee stings (remove the sting sac carefully first with tweezers).

Tracey x

Thank you guys!!!

Think i might of had a slight reaction as its red and feels warm also itchy!!! It’s not just where i got stung it’s a bigger area than that!! Gonna go to the chemist and see what they say

kate xx

Yes - the cure for everything Apple Cider Vinegar - lt is alkaline and corrects the ‘ph’ [whatever that is]. Good for gout and arthritis - when made into a drink with honey/water. Off to have a glass now - as my ‘gout’ has returned. Too much beetroot and strawberries have set it off.

Hi Kate

If it still feels warm and starts swelling or shows signs of streaking you need to go to GP. If you can’t see your GP quickly (same day) then go to A&E.

I am not allergic to wasp stings but had a nasty reaction once when one got stuck in my cardigan sleeve and stung me twice on the wrist. The next morning my hand was swollen and warm. By the afternoon it was throbbing, my fingers were swelling and I had red streaks halfway up my arm. I rang my surgery which was 16 miles away and my GP’s advice was to go straight to A&E as, if the streaks had reached my armpit, the poison would have entered my bloodstream and I would have had blood poisoning.

I had strong antihistimanes and antibiotics for several days and was very drowsy. My fingers were like fat sausages and my hand was like a mini football (and I’m quite a dainty little thing normally). My brothers found it hilarious of course!!

I have been stung since and haven’t reacted but the hospital doctor did say it very much depends on what the wasp has been feeding on. It apparently can make their poison much stronger :frowning: I am still very nervous around wasps.

I do hope it clears up for you soon. I too hate wasps and agree with your thread title wholeheartedly. <<<>>>

Tracey x